Angharad Parry

Script Supervisor

An efficient and confident Script Supervisor with experience working with green screen,3D, and all slating systems. Second language...

Bhairavi Patel

Script Supervisor

With 10+ years of experience, Bhairavi has worked on a range of feature films in various genres. She is organised yet creative, and has a passion...

Victoria Pike

Script Supervisor

Victoria has 25 years experience working in Film, TV & Commercials

Rhiannon Preece-Towey

Script Supervisor

Rhiannon is an experienced HETV script supervisor with 10+ years experience on British and American productions. She has worked abroad...

Georgia Redman

Script Supervisor

Georgia has 10 years experience working in television and film. She is a BBC trained digital Script Supervisor and has worked on many...

Julie Robinson

Script Supervisor

Julie Robinson is a highly skilled and experienced script supervisor with UK/US dual citizenship

Chris Roufs

Script Supervisor

Chris has many years of experience in Multi-Episodic Television and Film, and has worked across a diverse range of genres worldwide.He...

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