Ashley Aldworth

Script Supervisor

Ashley has worked on all film formats in different locations around the world. She is an outgoing person that thrives on set. She loves...

Iain Andrew

Script Supervisor

Iain is both highly skilled and experienced. He has worked across all formats and genres, including animation and complex CGI projects....

Amy Barclay

Script Supervisor

Experienced script supervisor working across a range of genres in television and film. Dual Australian/UK citizen.

Jo Beckett

Script Supervisor

Jo is a highly experienced Script Supervisor able to work in all formats.

Phoebe Billington

Script Supervisor

Story driven script supervisor working in Australia and UK/Europe with dual citizenship

Nicolette Blenkinsop

Script Supervisor

Nicolette is a UK based Script Supervisor, adaptable to all kinds of film making and improvisation. She solely works digitally using...

Rachael Bone

Script Supervisor

Rachael works digitally with Peter Skaratt software and can work with the British and US slating system. She has experience in HETV...

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