Jane Gruffydd

Script Supervisor

Jane is a formally trained and experienced Script Supervisor,  who has worked in a broad range of scripted drama genres. Jane...

Jacob Hagenborn

Script Supervisor

Jacob is an experienced and highly regarded Script Supervisor in Scandinavia.  He is experienced with multi-episodic shoots and feature...

Aria Harrison

Script Supervisor

Aria is a career Script Supervisor, who trained to enter into this role alone on set and aspires to have a long career facilitating...

Rory Herbert

Script Supervisor

Rory is very experienced across all formats and genres. He has experience working on complete series and individual blocks and has worked...

Georgina Higgins

Script Supervisor

Georgina is an experienced Script Supervisor who has shot worldwide on numerous films. She has worked with multi-cam set-ups, VFX and is familiar...

Kathy Hughes

Script Supervisor

Kathy is a highly experienced Script Supervisor with worldwide shooting experience using both US and UK Slating systems. Kathy started...

Holly Johnson

Script Supervisor

Holly has experience working on both Film & TV drama. She has worked on multi-camera shoots on all formats and is experienced...

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