Hayley Boyd

Script Supervisor

Hayley is a highly experienced BBC trained Script Supervisor. Genres covered include TV comedy, drama, sitcom and sketch shows. ...

Melina Burns

Script Supervisor

Highly experienced script supervisor able to work in all formats

Karen Carter

Script Supervisor

Karen is a highly experienced and BBC trained Script Supervisor working in high end film, TV drama and commercials. Trained extensively...

Irene Chawko

Script Supervisor

Highly experienced Script Supervisor with worldwide shooting experience in all formats.

Charlotte Serena Cooper

Script Supervisor

Charlotte has experience working on both big budget Films & TV drama. She has worked on multi-camera shoots on all formats...

Massimiliano D'Angelo

Script Supervisor

Max is an Italian Script Supervisor based in London with experience in HETV and Feature Films across most genres, single- and multi-cam...

Lola Dauda

Script Supervisor

Lola is a UK-based Script Supervisor, experienced in film and television. She uses MacBook Pro with ScriptE software. She has experience...

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