Script Supervisors
Julie Robinson
Script Supervisor

Julie is a highly skilled Script Supervisor
British Citizen/US Resident 
Green Card Holder 

Feature Films

MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN Script Supervisor | Additional Photography 
Universal Pictures | Directed by OI Parker 
Produced by Judy Craymer & Gary Goetzman 
UNCLE DREW Script Supervisor 
Lionsgate | Directed by Charles Stone III 
Produced by Marty Bowen & Wyck Godfrey 
ZOOLANDER Script Supervisor | Additional Photography 
Paramount Pictures | Directed by Ben Stiller 
Produced by Stuart Cornfeld, Scott Rudin & Ben Stiller
THE INTERN Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Warner Bros | Directed by Alex Hillkurtz 
Produced by Suzanne McNeill Farwell & Nancy Meyers
ANATOMY OF THE TIDE Script Supervisor 
Two Tides Entertainment | Directed by Joel Strunk 
Produced by Tom Craig, Charles Kipp, Ryan Post & Daniel G. Stephens
FIVE NIGHTS IN MAINE Script Supervisor 
Loveless Prods | Directed by Maris Curran 
Produced by Maris Curran, Carly Hugo, David Oyelowo & Matthew Parker 
ANGELICA Script Supervisor 
Angelica Film Productions | Directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein 
Produced by Mitchell Lichtenstein & Joyce Pierpoline
FADING GIGOLO Script Supervisor 
Zuzu Productions | Directed by John Turturro 
Produced by Bill Block, Paul Hanson & Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte
GOD'S POCKET  Script Supervisor 
Cooper's Town Productions | Directed by John Slattery 
Produced by Lance Acord, Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Sam Bisbee & Emily Ziff Griffin 
Sunny Side Up Films | Directed by Aron Gaudet 
Produced by Aron Gaudet, Gita Pullapilly & Kavita Pullapilly
VERY GOOD GIRLS Script Supervisor 
Groundswell Productions | Directed by Naomi Foner 
Produced by Norton Herrick, Michael London, Mary Jane Skalski & Janice Williams 
BACKGAMMON Script Supervisor 
Fischer Productions | Directed by Francisco Orvannos 
Produced by Miguel Angel Boccaloni, Chris Moore, Francisco Orvannos & Colin Stanfield
HELLO I MUST BE GOING Script Supervisor 
Hello I Must Be Going Productions | Directed by Todd Louiso 
Produced by Hans Ritter & Mary Jane Skalski 
ROGUE TRADER Script Supervisor 
Newmarket Films | Directed by James Dearden 
Produced by Janette Day, James Dearden & Paul Raphael
JUDE Script Supervisor 
Polygram Films for BBC | Directed by Michael Winterbottom 
Produced by Andrew Eaton 
Working Title | Directed by Mike Newell 
Produced by Duncan Kenworthy & Eric Fellner
AFRAID OF THE DARK Script Supervisor 
Fine Line Features | Directed by Mark Peploe 
Produced by Simon Bosanquet 
A KISS BEFORE DYING Script Supervisor 
Working Title | Directed by James Dearden 
Produced by Robert Lawrence & Eric Fellner
MEMPHIS BELLE Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Warner Bros | Directed by Michael Caton-Jones 
Produced by David Puttnam & Catherine Wyler
THE RACHEL PAPERS Script Supervisor 
Working Title | Directed by Damian Harris 
Produced by Andrew S. Karsch & Eric Fellner
WILLOW Script Supervisor | 2nd & VFX Unit 
MGM | Directed by Ron Howard 
Produced by Nigel Wooll
FULL METAL JACKET  Script Supervisor 
Warner Bros | Directed & Produced by Stanley Kubrick 
LEAVE ALL FAIR Script Supervisor 
Pacific Films | Directed by John Reid 
Produced by John O'Shea
RESTLESS NATIVES Script Supervisor 
EMI Films | Directed by Michael Hoffman 
Produced by Rick Stevenson 
BREAKOUT Script Supervisor 
Eyeline Films | Directed by Frank Godwin 


Script Supervisor
Warner Bros | Creator Chris Fedak
Directed by Lee Toland Krieger | Produced by Jason Sokoloff
Season 1
Script Supervisor
Warner Bros | Creator Jeff Rake
Directed by Various | Produced by Harvey Waldman
Season 2 & 3
Script Supervisor 
ABC | Created by Joshua Safran 
Directed by Various | Produced by Bob Simon 
Season 1 
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
ABC | Directed by Michael Lehmann 
Produced by Ryan Lindenberg & Chad McQuay 
Season 1 
Script Supervisor | Additional 
CBS | Directed by Peter Werner, Gus Makris & Various 
Produced by Antonia Ellis & Kristin Bernstein 
THE NIGHT OF Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
HBO | Directed by John Turturro
ELEMENTARY Script Supervisor 
CBS | Directed by Various 
Produced by Carol Cuddy, Jonathan Filley, Patty Willett & Alysse Bezahler
Berlanti Productions | Directed by Various 
Produced by Denise Pinckley, Blair Singer, Moshe Bardach & Michael Cedar
OLIVE KITTERIDGE Script Supervisor 
HBO | Directed by Lisa Cholodenko 
Produced by David Coatsworth & Gary Goetzman 
Geneon Universal | Directed by Sydney Macartney 
Produced by Robert Benedetti | TV Movie 
INCOGNITO Script Supervisor 
Morgan Creek Productions | Directed by John Badham 
Produced by Selvyn Price
THE TURNAROUND  Script Supervisor 
ITV | Directed by Suri Krishnamma 
Produced by Bill Shapter
GOOD KING WENCESLAS Script Supervisor 
The Family Channel | Directed by Michael Tuchner 
Produced by Adam Clapham & Michael Deakin | TV Movie 
'In Love There Are No Rules'
Script Supervisor 
HBO | Directed by Mike Figgis 
Produced by David Brown, Jonathan Demme & William S. Gilmore 
A GHOST IN MONTE CARLO Script Supervisor 
Turner | Directed & Produced by John Hough 
TV Movie
WE ARE THE CHILDREN Script Supervisor 
ABC | Directed by Robert M. Young 
Produced by Lewis Abel, Dan Fauci & Ellwood Kieser | TV Movie 
PIECE OF CAKE Script Supervisor 
LWT | Directed by Ian Toynton 
Produced by Andrew Holmes
'The Brazilian Connection 
Script Supervisor 
Celtic Films | Directed by Ian Toynton 
Produced by Muir Sutherland 
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