Script Supervisors
Jane Gruffydd
Script Supervisor

Jane is a trained Script Supervisor with experience of single and multi-camera setups.

As well as traditional methods Jane can work digitally using the ScriptE system and is a proficient user of Final Draft software, adapting her style of working to suit the needs of the production.

Jane studied at De Montfort University and graduated with a joint honours degree in English Literature and Media Studies.

Prior to working as a Script Supervisor, Jane was the Head of Film and Media Studies at
Barry Comprehensive School.

She is fluent in written and spoken Welsh and has a good working knowledge of French.


4STORIES  Script Supervisor
BlackLight Productions | Directed by Ash Morris, William Steffan Smith & Stroma Cairns
Produced by Lisa Walters

MERCHED PARCHUS  Script Supervisor 
Ieie Productions | Directed by Claire Fowler
Produced by Alice Lusher

35 AWR Script Supervisor 
Boom Cymru | Directed by Rhys Powys & Eryl Huw Phillips
Produced by Paul Jones

OUTSIDERS Script Supervisor 
BBC Writersroom | Directed by John Howlett
Produced by Anne Edyvean

PLUEN EIRA  Script Supervisor 
Boom Cymru | Directed by Eryl Huw Phillips 
Produced by Robert Evans & Lona Llewelyn Davies

Script Supervisor 
Big Finish | Directed by Keri Collins
Produced by Noel Sullivan

POBOL Y CWM  Script Supervisor 
BBC | Directed & Produced by Various 

PARCH Script Supervisor 
Boom Pictures | Directed by Rhys Powys
Produced by Paul Jones & Rhys Powys

CRAITH/HIDDEN  Script Supervisor 
Severn Screen | Directed by Eric Styles
Produced by Hannah Thomas & Ed Talfan

BYW CELWYDD Script Supervisor 
Tarian Cyf | Directed by Gareth Rowlands
Produced by Branwen Cennard

DECLINE AND FALL  Script Supervisor 
Tiger Aspect Ltd | Directed by Guillem Morales
Produced by Matthew Bird

Short Films

BAICH  Script Supervisor 
Severn Screen | Directed by Mared Swain
Produced by Alice Lusher & Catrin Ramasut

JUGGERNAUT  Script Supervisor 
Juggernaut Ltd | Directed by Carl Rock
Produced by Katie Pow

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