Tony Aherne

1st AD

Bases in Dublin, Wales & London. BBC Health & Safety. 
Giles Alderson has been working in the business for over twenty years. His recent credits include: On Ranger starring Thomas Jane for Picture...
Adaptable AD with over a decade of production experience. Rachel retrained as an Assistant Director in 2015 after several years as an Assistant...

Ian Astridge

1st AD

Ian is a member of the ADG (Assistant Directors Guild) in the UK and the Screen Producers Association and ADG (Australian Directors...

Scott Bunce

1st AD

Scott is an experienced 1st / 2nd AD working in Film & TV Drama 

Ben Burt

1st AD

Ben has worked on projects in over 25 countries and is a member of the DGA.

Dean Byfield

1st AD

Dean is an experienced and versatile 1st AD. He brings a calm and good-humoured approach to running the floor and has a reputation...

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