Samantha Easey |Makeup & Hair Supervisor

Samantha is an all rounder, multi skilled hair and makeup artist supervisor. Most comfortable supervising crowd rooms or designing smaller projects.
She is happiest when given a challenge and working on something period or fantasy.


Series 3
Crowd Hair & Makeup Supervisor 
Bad Wolf for HBO / BBC | Directed by Isabella Eklöf, Caleb Femi & Birgitte Stærmose 
Produced by Lee Thomas & Edoardo Ferretti
BLACK CAKE Crowd Hair & Makeup Supervisor 
Hulu | Directed by Natalia Leite, Zetna Fuentes, Tara Nicole Weyr & Mario Van Peebles 
Produced by Nick Goding, Marshall Boone & Matthew Conner
Series 14 Specials
Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist | Dailies 
Bad Wolf for BBC / Disney | Directed by Rachel Talalay, Mark Tonderai, Chanya Button & Tom Kingsley
U-BOAT WARGAMERS Hair & Makeup Designer  
World Media Rights Productions for Netflix | Directed by Mary Downes, Tim Dunn & Justin Rickett
Produced by Tim Dunn
Series 1, Episodes 5-8
Hair & Makeup Supervisor 
HBO | Directed by Faraz Shariat, Stacey Gregg, Ella Jones & Nicole Kassell
Produced by Lucy Gaymer
HOLLINGTON DRIVE  Hair & Makeup Supervisor 
ITV | Directed by Carolina Giammetta
Produced by Catrin Lewis Defis
Series 1
Core Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist 
BBC & Sky | Directed by Jamie Childs, William McGreggor, Otto Bathurst, Tom Hooper, Charles Martin, Euros Lyn & Dawn Shadforth
Series 1, Episodes 1 & 4
Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist | Dailies
Shondaland for Netflix | Directed by Chris Van Dusen & Julie Anne Robinson
Produced by Holden Chang, Sarah Dollard, Sarada McDermott & Chris Van Dusen
Series 1
Hair & Makeup Artist 
Bad Wolf for HBO | Directed by Alice Troughton, Sarah Walker & Juan Carlos Medina
Produced by Dominic Barlow, Kate Brooke & Radford Neville

Feature Films

NAPOLEON  Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist 
Apple Studios | Directed by Ridley Scott 
Produced by Mark Huffam, Joaquin Phoenix, Ridley Scott & Kevin J. Walsh
CYRANO  Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer | Directed by Joe Wright
Produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner & Guy Heeley
Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist 
One More One Productions for Netflix | Directed by Gareth Evan
Produced by Gareth Evans, Tom Hardy, Ed Talfan & Aram Tertzakian

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