Idris Ahmed

Location Manager

Idris is a highly experienced Location Manager working in Film & TV Drama He has a good working knowledge of London, The...
  Mark is experienced in all genre of Television and Film Production; including drama, stunts, VFX and comedy. He is a very good...

Jim Imber

1st AD

Jim is an experienced 1st AD working in Film, TV Drama & Commercials Risk Management for Productions Parts 1 & 2, Safe...

Jordan Kotras

1st AD

Jordan has a decade of experience in film and HETV. He runs efficient, calm sets and has worked extensively with stunts, SFX, VFX,...

Sue Mahoney

Script Supervisors

Sue is fluent in French and has worked on many bi-lingual productions She has experience working on Features, TV drama & top end soapsSue...
Emyr’s experience as a 1st AD started as key 3rd AD on studio pictures.He has a calm nature and is able to get the floor moving...

Carole Salisbury

Script Supervisor

Carole is a highly regarded Script Supervisor with worldwide experience working on all formats and slating systems.

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