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Marie-Sophie Daniel

Marie-Sophie Daniel is a French Focus Puller with 10 years industry experience in France.
She has worked on various productions: movies, documentary, commercials. She has plenty of experience with various camera formats and shooting situations.

Arri Alexa 65 /Alexa Plus, Alexa Mini LF, Red Epic, C300, Sony F55,
Steadicam setup, Crane, Splash bag, Ronin 2

Feature Films

THE DIG Focus Puller | Camera A
BBC Films | Directed by Simon Stone
DOP Mike Eley 
KIDNAPPING INC. Focus Puller | Camera A
Promenade Films | Directed by Bruno Mourral
DOP Martin Levent
MADE IN ITALY Focus Puller | Camera A
CrossDay Productions Ltd. | Directed by James D'Arcy
DOP Mike Eley
CRAWL Focus Puller | Camera A
Paramount Pictures | Directed by Alexandre Aja
DOP Maxime Alexandre
SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS Focus Puller | Camera B
Les films du 24 | Directed by Philippe de Chauveron
DOP Stéphane Le Parc
MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF Focus Puller | Camera A
La Compagnie Cinématographique | Directed by Adrià García
DOP Christophe Duchange
BUDAPEST Focus Puller | Camera A
Labyrinthe Films | Directed by Xavier Gens
DOP Gilles Porte
CEZANNE ET MOI Focus Puller | Camera B
G Films | Directed by Danièle Thompson
DOP Jean-Marie Dreujou
IN THE FORESTS OF SERBIA Focus Puller | Camera A
Nord-Ouest Films | Directed by Safy Nebbou
DOP Gilles Porte
MONEY Focus Puller | Camera B
Electrick Films | Directed by Géla Babluani
DOP Tariel Meliava
LE TALENT DE MES AMIS Focus Puller | Camera B
Same Player | Directed by Alex Lutz
DOP Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci
AVIS DE MISTRAL Focus Puller | Camera B
Légende Films | Directed by Rose Bosch
DOP Stéphane Le Parc
Légende Films | Directed by Lionel Steketee
DOP Stéphane Le Parc
BIENVENUE A BORD Focus Puller | Camera B
Same Player | Directed by Eric Lavaine
DOP Stéphane Le Parc
POSSESSIONS Focus Puller | Camera B
Incognita Films | Directed by Eric Guirado~
DOP Thierry Godefroy
HIGH LANE Focus Puller | Camera B
Gaumont | Directed by Abel Ferry
DOP Nicolas Massart


Season 2
Focus Puller | Camera B
Amazon Studios | Directed by Steve Conrad
DOP James Whitaker
RANSOM Focus Puller | Camera B
Big Light Productions | Directed by Eric Canuel
DOP Laurent Bares


BIOCOP Focus Puller 
DOP Gilles Porte
CHANEL Focus Puller 
DOP David Nissen
CARTIER Focus Puller 
DOP Vincent Gallot
H&M Focus Puller 
DOP Eric Gautier
HERMES Focus Puller 
DOP Julien Andreeti
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