Lois Francis |Script Supervisor

Lois is a UK based Script Supervisor with a rich and varied background in the Film and Television Industry spanning 25 years. She lives in Oxfordshire but is happy to go where work takes her. She has experience in HETV and Stunt Action, Multi Episode and Multi Camera.
Her working preference is her iPad Pro and Scriptation software, although she does have ScriptE if required. 

Lois is also able to work as a Gallery Script Supervisor.
Member of BECTU.


JOAN  Script Supervisor | Block 4 
Snowed-in Productions | Directed by Richard Laxton 
Produced by Ruth Kenley-Letts
Series 12, Christmas Special, episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 
Script Supervisor 
Red Planet | Directed by Steve Brett, Steve Hughes & Angie de Chastelai-Smith
Episodes 10920, 10923, 10946 and 10949
Script Supervisor
ITV Studios | Directed by Gary Williams & Richard Lynn
Series Producer Iain MacLeod
Series 3, Episode 3
Script Supervisor
ITV Studios | Directed by Will Sinclair
Series Produced by Kiaran Murray-Smith
Various Episodes | Series 36 & 37
Script Supervisor  
BBC | Directors include David Innes Edwards, Rick Platt, Ian Barber, John Howlett, Thomas Hescott, Judith Dine & more
Producers include Myf Hopkins, Sarah Beardsall, Roger Thomas, Pete Levy & more
Series 22
Script Supervisor 
BBC | Directed by Debbie Howard & Ita Fitzgerald
Produced by Nicole Hoye 

Series 2 
Script Supervisor  
BBC | Directed by Merlyn Rice, John Maidens, Ian Barber & Judith Dine 
Produced by Loretta Preece & Angie Garaghon 

Series 2 
Script Supervisor  
Universal International Studios | Directed by Rhys Thomas 
Produced by Marcus Collier & Jessi Hawthorn 

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