Collette Creary-Myers |Art Director

Jamaican born, Collette is a multi-disciplinary Artist & Designer with skills in Film, Photography and Digital Media. From London Maritime Museum, Netflix & the BBC too Punch-Drunk immersive theatre and Pinewood Studio features, she has design experience across the board, simply wanting to explore design in all its medias. With a mixed skill palate that includes beginner SketchUp, White Card Model Making, Drafting and advanced skills in Graphic Design, Scenic Painting, and Photography, all of which enhance her role as an Art Director and upcoming Production Designer. She is a certified, full member of BAFTA, BFDG and the Production Designers Collective.


She has recently completed Virtual Production Training with Mars Academy and Backstage Academy through ScreenSkills and is ready to hit the ground running with VP/Unreal Engine productions.


View her website to see her portfolio here.


Series 1, 6 episodes
1st Props | 2nd Unit Standby Art Director | Main unit: Dailies
Tiger Aspect for ITV | DIrected by Darcia Martin, Charles Mcdougall & Yero Timi Biu
Produced by Stella Nwimo
Production Designer Niina Topp
4 part Miniseries
Art Director
Snowed-In Productions for BBC / Netflix | Directed by Sarmad Masud
Produced by Rienkje Attoh & Jules Hussey
Production Designers Andrew Purcell & Robert Foster 

Production Designer 
Eye-Cue Films for Amazon | Directed by Benjamin Johns
Produced by Paul Davies & Benjamin Jones
8 Episodes (2019 - 2020)
Art Director
BBC | Directed by Richard Platt & Nickie Lister
Produced by Kate Oates & Jon Sen
Series Designers Graham Ellis & Alecander Evans

Feature Films

DIAMOND SKY Production Designer
Fortune's Cap Productions | Directed by Felix Mackenzie
Produced by Dominic Baker
THE KITCHEN Shadow Art Director
Factory Fifteen for Netflix | Directed by Kibwe Tavares
Produced by Daniel Emmerson & Daniel Kaluuya
THE HOUSE ON THE CLIFF Production Designer
Unicorn Motion Pictures | Directed & Produced by Sam Bhattacharjee
BREAK Production Designer
Scanner-Rhodes Productions | Directed by Michael Elkin
Produced by Terri Dwyer, Michael Elkin & Dean Fisher 
MAKING IT Set Designer
Making it Productions | Directed by Stephen Glover
Produced by Emma Yap
THE BAY OF SILENCE Assistant Buyer
TBOS | Directed by Paula van der Oest 
Produced by Alain de Levita, Caroline Goodhall, Cheyanne Kane & More 

Standby Props
Phenomenon Pictures Ltd | Directed by Stephen Frears
Produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner & More 

Winner Truly Moving Picture Award - Heartland Film 2017
Winner Composer of the Year - Hollywood Film Award 2017
Winner Best Costume Design - IFTA Award 2018
LETS BE EVIL Set Dresser & Standby
Lets Be Evil Ltd | Directed by Martin Owen
Produced by Elizabeth Morris, Martin Owen & More

AWAITING Art Dept Assistant & Standby
Green Screen / Solar Productions | Directed by Mark Murphy
Produced by Alan Latham

Short Films

HEMEL Art Director 
LONO Studio | Directed by Danielle Dean
Produced by Luke Moody & Caroline Smith
VILLAIN Production Designer
Cowboy Funfair Productions | Directed by Sparky Tehnsuko
Produced by Sej Davé
THE QUEUE Production Designer
E L Deffebach Ltd | Directed by Laurie Waplington
Produced by Edie Deffebach

Winner of the Austin International Art Festival 2021 – Best International Short
Winner of the London Indie short Festival 2021 – Best Narrative Short
Winner of the Paris Film Festival 2021 
Winner of the Indie Short Festival 2021 – Best original Screenplay | Best Director | Best Acting Duo
Winner of the LA Independent Women Film Awards 2021
Winner of the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film & Screenplay Competition 2021 – Best Sci-fi Short
HIS WAKE Production Designer
BFI Southbank | Directed by Jamie Noel
Produced by Melissa Giles
BFI Southbank | Directed by Nosa Eke
Produced by Holly Carrington & Andrew Oldbury 
Currently being made into a feature film 
Art Dept Assistant & SFX 
Touch Piece Productions | Directed & Produced by Faye Jackson
I LOVE MY WIFE Art Director
I Love My Wife Ltd | Directed by Ian Tierney
Produced by Karen Simon 

Production Designer
SweetDoh! | Directed by Simon Ryninks
Produced by Tibo Travers BAFTA long-listed, 2020 Winner New York International Lift-Off Festival 2019 - Best Short
Winner Tweetfest, London 2019 - Best Short Film
Winner Tweetfest, London 2019 - Best Actor - Omar Khan
Winner The People’s Film Festival 2020 - Best Sponsored Short
Winner The People’s Film Festival 2020 - Best Comedy
Winner The People’s Film Festival 2020 - Best Cast Ensemble
Winner Sydney Underground Film Festival 2020 - Audience Choice Award
Winner Performance Short Film Competition 2020 - Best Comedy

Production Designer
Chalice Films | Directed & Produced by Max Mason

Winner of the Birmingham Film Festival 2019 - Best Production Design
Winner of the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2019 - Best Production Design
13 Awards for various degrees of production, from Best Short, Acting and Directing to Costume and Production Design
MOOSE LIMBS Production Designer
Art Omnivores Limited | Directed by Philip Hardy
Produced by Syd Heather 

THE DEVILS DOSH  Set Dresser & Standby
Infidelis Productions | Directed by Zachary Guerra
Produced by Brian O'Hare

Winner Oaxaca FilmFest MX 2012 - Best Narrative Short


Client Role Production Company
UTILITY WAREHOUSE Production Designer Utility Warehouse
MOTION ARRAY / ADOBE Set Designer  Yellow Pill
LEE COOPER Art Director  Lee Cooper
AIR ANGELS Set Designer & Standby  Out Since Tuesday
MEKAMON Set Designer & Standby  Reach Robotics
TALK TALK Art Dept Assistant  Nonsense London
GREEN PEACE Food Stylist & Standby Inspiring Films
TROPIC SKINCARE Food Stylist & Standby Cherryduck Studios
MAGIC TRICK Set Designer Yellow Pill / Motion Array

Music Videos

"Carried Away"
Production Designer
Disruptive Media
"Petty Lover"
Production Designer
Salute The Sun Management | Directed by Will Ainsworth | Produced by Christian Couzens
Production Designer
Salute The Sun Management

Other Credits

Draughting (Junior Level) English (Fluent) 
Model Making (Junior Level) Jamaican Patois (Fluent)
Scenic Painting Greek (Beginner) 
Graphic Design  
Video Editing  

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