Aymeric Nicolet |Script Supervisor

Liverpool based multilingual script supervisor (English, French and Japanese) available for work worldwide.
Completed Coronavirus basic training by ScreenSkills. BAFTA Crew member.

Selected Credits


Series 2
Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover 
RebelPark / Potboiler / Sky TV | Directed by Oliver Parker 
Produced by Nick Hornby, Gemma Arterton, Andrea Calderwood, Gail Egan, Jessica Parker & Jessica Malik.
THE GATHERING  Script Supervisor 
World Productions / ITV | Directed by Graham Drover 
Produced by Gareth Bryn
TRIGGER POINT Script Supervisor | Main Unit Block 2
HTM Television / ITV | Directed by Jennie Darnell
Produced by Julia Stannard
EXTRAORDINARY Script Supervisor | Main Unit Block 2
Sid Gentle / Disney+ | Directed by Nadira Amrani
THE HUNT FOR RAOUL MOAT Script Supervisor | Main Unit
World Productions/ITV | Directed by Gareth Bryn
Produced by Kim Crowther
Series 2
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
BBC | Directed by Roxy Rezvany 
Produced by Emma Brown 
DI RAY Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover
ITV | Directed by Alex Pillai

WEDDING SEASON Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover
Dancing Ledge / Disney | Directed by Laura Scrivano
Production Manager Phill Reeves

THE FAMILY PILE Script Supervisor | Main Unit
ITV / Hat Trick | Directed by Fergal Costello
Produced by Phil Leech
Series 4
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies
Netflix | Directed by Brady Hood
Production Manager Matt Wilson

DODGER Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover
NBC / CBBC | Directed by Rhys Thomas
Line Producer Richard Everiss

Series 6 & 7
Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover
Channel X for CBBC | Directed by Ian Curtis & Hildegard Ryan
Produced by Joanna Blake

WHAT IS LOVE? Script Supervisor
BBC R&D / Symbolism Studios / York Mediale | Directed by Ben Reid
Produced by Sharon Reid

HOLLYOAKS Script Supervisor | Main Unit
Lime Pictures for C4 | Directed & Produced by Various

NORTHENERS Script Supervisor
Rossi Productions | Directed by Katie Ross
Produced by Stewart Ross

WAR OF THE WORLDS  Trainee Script Supervisor 
Mammoth for BBC | Directed by Craig Viveiros
Produced by Betsan Morris Evans

Feature Films

DAMAGED  Script Supervisor 
Sony / Stream Digital | Directed by Terry McDonough
Produced by Paul Aniello 
Starring Samuel L. Jackson & Vincent Cassel
IT'S NOT OVER Script Supervisor
Stream Digital / Vargo Film | Directed by Alessandro Riccardi
Produced by Paul Aniello
Featuring Christophe Lambert

Short Films

BAFTA nominated
Script Supervisor
Directed by Rhys Marc Jones | Produced by Anders N. Berg

HOME Script Supervisor
BFI / BBC | Directed by Ndrika Anyika
Produced by Fozia Khaliq

WE ARE DANCERS Script Supervisor
Guerillacore Films | Directed by Joe Morris
Produced by Luz Alejandra Llano Veliz

IOLYN Script Supervisor
CineTapp Films | Directed by Glen Gair
Produced by Joseph Tapp

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