Script Supervisors
Amy Barclay
Script Supervisor

Experienced script supervisor working across a range of genres in television and film.

Selected Credits

Feature Films

RAMS Script Supervisor
WMBC | Directed by Jeremy Sims
Produced by Janelle Landers & Aidan O’Bryan
GHOST IN THE SHELL  Script Supervisor 
Dreamworks | Directed by Rupert Sanders 
Produced by Avi Arad, Michael Costigan & Jeffrey Silver
KRAMPUS  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Legendary Pictures | Directed by Zach Shields 
Produced by Danny Stillman & Michael Dougherty 
THE HUNTER Script Supervisor
Porchlight Films | Directed by Daniel Nettheim 
Produced by Vincent Sheehan 
KILLING TIME  Script Supervisor 
Fremantle Media | Directed by Peter Andrikidis & Ian Watson 
Produced by John Wild & Jason Stephens 
THE WEDDING PARTY  Script Supervisor 
Brave Films | Directed by Amanda Jane
Produced by Nicole Minchin 
WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE  Script Supervisor | Assistant 
Warner Bros. | Directed by Spike Jonze 
Produced by Vincent Landay 
SUPERMAN RETURNS  Script Supervisor | VFX
Warner Bros. | Directed by Mark Stetson & Bryan Singer 
Produced by Joyce Cox 
FOOTY LEGENDS  Script Supervisor 
Suitcase Films | Directed by Khoa Do 
Produced by Megan McMurchy 
SO CLOSE TO HOME Script Supervisor 
Second Sight Productions | Directed by Jessica Hobbs 
Produced by Sam Jennings & Martin Williams 
WALKING ON WATER Script Supervisor 
Porchlight Films | Directed by Tony Ayres 
Produced by Liz Watts 
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II Script Supervisor | Assistant 
Paramount Pictures | Directed by John Woo 
Produced by Paula Wagner & Tom Cruise 


Series 1, Episodes 3 - 5
Script Supervisor 
Amazon Studios 

THE WILDS Script Supervisor
Amazon & ABC Studios NZ | Directed by Cherie Nowlan
Produced by Amy B Harris, Sarah Streicher & John Polson
BLOOM Script Supervisor 
Playmaker | Directed by Mat King
Produced by Sue Seeary & Glen Dolman
THE GLOAMING Script Supervisor
ABC Studios | Directed by Michael Rymer
Produced by Fiona McConaghy
JACK IRISH Script Supervisor 
Easy Tiger Productions | Directed by Kriv Stenders 
Produced by Ian Collie & Andrew Knight 
Fremantle Media/Foxtel | Directed by Larysa Kondracki & Michael Rymer 
Produced by Jo Porter & Brett Popplewell 
ROMPER STOMPER Script Supervisor 
Roadshow Rough Diamond & Stan | Directed by Geoffrey Wright & Craig Zobel 
Produced by John Edwards 
Series 3 - US
Script Supervisor 
HBO | Directed by Mimi Leder, Nicole Kassell & Craig Zobel 
Produced by Mimi Leder & Eugene Kelly
HUNTERS Script Supervisor 
Matchbox & Syfy Channel | Directed by Various
Produced by Gale Anne Hurd & Natalie Chaidez 
PARTY TRICKS Script Supervisor 
Endemol | Directed by Emma Freeman 
Produced by Imogen Banks & John Edwards 
OFFSPRING 5 Script Supervisor 
Southern Star | Directed by Kate Deniis, Daina Reid & Emma Freeman 
Produced by Imogen Banks & John Edwards 
Series 2 
Script Supervisor 
Matchbox | Directed by Craig Irvin & Alister Grierson 
Produced by Tony Ayres & Beth Frey 
UNDERBELLY: SQUIZZY  Script Supervisor 
Screentime | Directed by Andrew Prowse & Shawn Seet 
Produced by Elisa Argenzio
Southern Star | Directed by Diana Reid 
Produced by Mimi Butler 
Every Cloud Productions | Directed by Kate Dennis & Daina Reid 
Produced by Fiona Eagger & Deb Cox
Series 2 
Script Supervisor 
Southern Star | Directed by Johnathan Teplitsky & Rowan Woods 
Produced by John Edwards & Jacquelin Perske 
Series 2 
Script Supervisor 
Southern Star | Directed by Emma Freeman 
Produced by John Edwards & Imogen Banks 
Series 2 
Script Supervisor 
Showtime | Directed by Catriona Mackenzie & Paul Moloney 
Produced by Andrew Walker & Roder Simpson 
VERY SMALL BUSINESS Script Supervisor 
Gristmill & ABC | Directed by Daina Reid 
Produced by Wayne Hope & Robyn Butler 
ELEPHANT PRINCESS Script Supervisor 
Johnathan M Schiff | Directed by Daniel Nettheim 
Produced by Joanna Werner 
MCLEOD'S DAUGHTERS Script Supervisor 
Millenium Television | Directed by Arnie Custo, Richard Jasek & Steve Mann 
Produced by Vikki Barr
Series 1
Script Supervisor 
Showtime | Directed by Ken Cameron, Daina Reid & Paul Moloney 
Produced by Andrew Walker & Roger Simpson 
LAST MAN STANDING  Script Supervisor 
Burberry Productions | Directed by Adrian Holmes, Jeffrey Walker, Pino Amenta & Daniel Nettheim 
Produced by Sue Edwards & Marieke Hardy 
FIREFLIES Script Supervisor 
ABC | Directed by Rowan Woods 
Produced by John Edwards & Jo Rooney 
YOUNG LIONS Script Supervisor 
Hobbs Quicksilver Productions | Directed by Ana Kokkions & Geoff Bennet 
Produced by Michael Jenkins & Jo Rooney 
GUINEVERE JONES Script Supervisor 
Crawfords & YTV Canada | Directed by Arnie Custo & Pino Amenta 
Produced by Lynn Bayonas 
TV Film
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Icon Entertainment | Directed by Tony Ching 
Produced by Jim Lemley & Lynda House 
DRIVEN CRAZY Script Supervisor | Attachment 
Barron Television | Directed by Michael Carson & Daniel Nettheim 
Produced by Margot MacDonald
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