Nadine Powell

Costume Designer

Nadine has many years of industry experience, she is well travelled, has worked in many places in Europe, along with Morocco and South...

Eve Salter

Costume Designer

Eve is an Experienced costume designer and creative stylist successfully designing for high- profile production companies - BBC, ITV,...

Dawn Thomas-Mondo

Costume Designer

Dawn has extensive experience in period and contemporary drama for TV and film. She is 11 times BAFTA nominated for projects including...

Esther Walz

Costume Designer

Esther is an award winning designer with a special sense for period films. Her authentic approach to the series Barbarians, set in 9 A.D.,...

Allison Wyldeck

Costume Designer

Allison is reliable, highly organised and has an excellent reputation.Her talents are vast and she has worked with some of the biggest...

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