Nua Watford |Script Supervisor

A multilingual Script Supervisor with experience filming abroad. Comfortable with British and American slating systems and competent in single and multi camera shoots.

Feature Films

Jerry Bruckheimer Films | Directed by Guy Ritchie
Produced by Ivan Atkinson, Jerry Bruckheimer, John Friedberg & Chad Oman
AND MRS Script Supervisor
Who's On First Films | Directed by Daniel Reisinger
Produced by Dan Hine
GASSED UP Script Supervisor
Ascendant Films / Burton Fox Films | Directed by George Amponsah
Produced by Bart Ruspoli & Hester Ruoff
HOARD Script Supervisor
Erebus Pictures / Anti-Worlds | Directed by Luna Carmoon
Produced by Helen Simmons & Andy Starke
EMBERS Script Supervisor
Mini Productions / Lorton Entertainment | Directed by Christian Cooke
Produced by Sara Huxley & Marnie Paxton-Harris
DEATH ON A TUESDAY Script Supervisor | VFX Pickups | Dailies
A24 / BBC Film| Directed by Daina O. Pusic
Produced by Ivana MacKinnon
THE BUBBLE Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit
Netflix | Directed by Judd Apatow
Script Supervisor Laurajane Miles

SAVE THE CINEMA Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
Sky Cinema | Directed by Martin Owen
Script Supervisor Amanda Lean

IRE Script Supervisor
Ascendant Films / Bromantics | Directed by Ross McCall
Produced by Bart Ruspoli & Hester Ruoff

INFINITE Assistant Script Supervisor 
Paramount Pictures | 2nd Unit Directed by Simon Crane

BLACK WIDOW Assistant Script Supervisor | Dailies
Marvel Studios & Walt Disney Pictures | 2nd Unit Directed by Darrin Prescott

BLOODSHOT Assistant Script Supervisor | Additional Photography Dailies
Sony Pictures Entertainment | Directed by Dave Wilson

THE OLD GUARD Assistant Script Supervisor | Morocco Unit 
Dune Films for Netflix | Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewoc

ENOLA HOLMES Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
Legendary Entertainment | 2nd Unit Directed by Mike Ellis 

THE KING'S MAN Assistant Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies 
Matv Studies &  Twentieth Century Fox | 2nd Unit Directed by Brad Allen

THE AERONAUTS Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Amazon Studios | 2nd Unit Directed by Adam Kirley

LOVE Script Supervisor | Dailies 
CPL Love Limited / National Theatre | Directed by Alex Zeldin

KILLERS ANONYMOUS Script Supervisor | Additional Photography 
Goldfinch Studios / Posterity Pictures | Directed by Martin Owen

WAITING FOR ANYA Script Supervisor 
Bad Penny Productions / Goldfinch Studios | Directed by Ben Cookson

ONLY YOU Script Supervisor 
The Bureau / Synchronicity Films | Directed by Harry Wootliff

SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ Script Supervisor | Dailies 
Catalyst Global Media | Directed by Crispian Mills

BOYZ IN THE WOOD Script Supervisor 
Bread Thief Films / Sigma Films | Ninian Doff

THE ANGEL Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Adama Pictures | Directed by Ariel Vromen

DEAD MAN'S COVE Script Supervisor 
Mrs E Film Partners | Directed by Tom Reeve

AMY & SOPHIA Script Supervisor 
Retrogusto Films | Directed by Adam Lipsius

DON'T KNOCK TWICE Script Supervisor 
Red & Black Films | Directed by Caradog W James



Script Supervisor
Big Deal Films | Directed by Ian Aryeh
Produced by Jon Aird

SANDITON Script Supervisor | Dailies
Red Planet Pictures | Directed by Steve Brett
Produced by Ian Hogan

Series 3
Script Supervisor | VFX Pickups | ISS Unit
Urban Myth Films | Directed by Gareth Williams
Produced by Adam Knopf

Script Supervisor
Kindle Entertainment | Directed by Ian Aryeh
Produced by Matt Tiller

Series 2
Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Jonathan Teplitskyi & Rebecca Rycroft
Produced by Jane Dauncy

Series 24
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
BBC | Produced by Lawrence Till
Script Supervisor Caroline Elliston

Series 3
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies
Netflix | Directed by Runyararo Mapfumo
Script Supervisor Nicolette Blenkinsop

THE OUTLAWS Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies
BBC | Directed by John Butler
Script Supervisor Susannah Binding

Series 2
Script Supervisor
Mammoth Screen for ITV | Directed by Ian Aryeh
Produced by Sarah Lewis

Series 2
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
Buffalo Pictures for ITV | Directed by Chris Forster
Script Supervisor Caroline O’Reilly

HANNA II Script Supervisor | Dailies 
Amazon Studios | Directed by Eva Husson

ANGEL OF DARKNESS Script Supervisor | Dailies 
Paramount Television | Directed by David Caffrey

THE SPLIT 2 Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies 
Sister Pictures | 2nd Unit Directed by Paula Van Der Oest

SILENT WITNESS Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies 
BBC | 2nd Unit Directed by Lawrence Till

GANGS OF LONDON Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies 
Sky Atlantic | 2nd Unit Directed by Gareth Evans & Weronica Tofilska

HARLOTS III Script Supervisor | Dailies
Monumental Television | Directed by Robin Sheppard

THE TUCKERS Script Supervisor 
BBC | Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon

ABC MURDERS Script Supervisor | Dailies 
Mammoth Screen / BBC | Directed by Alex Gabassi

Series 5
Script Supervisor | Dailies 
CBBC | Directed by Ian Curtis

Series 10 & 11
Script Supervisor | Dailies
BBC | Directed by Wayne Yip & Peter Bennet

CHIMERICA  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies 
Playground Television UK | Directed by Adrain Sturges

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