Costume Designer
Neil McClean

Neil is an experienced Costume Designer who studied at Leggat’s Academy of Fashion and Design in Johannesburg, after which he moved to London and worked in fashion and then the film industry. 

His passions lie in colour, textures and tones that create a character where the costume becomes an extension of the character's personality. 

Neil works internationally in TV Drama, Feature Films, Documentaries and Commercials.

Feature Films

BLACK BEAUTY  Costume Designer
Bolt Pictures | Directed by Ashley Avis
Produced by Jeremy Bolt & Robert Kulzer
THE KISSING BOOTH Costume Designer 
Komixx Entertainment | Directed by Vince Marcello
Produced by Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Ed Glauser, Vince Marcello & Michele Weisler
Universal Pictures | Directed by Don Michael Paul 
Produced by Mike Elliot
RED SEA DIVING RESORT Co-Costume Designer 
STX Entertainment | Directed by Gideon Raff
Produced by Philip Waley 
THE EMPTY MAN  Costume Designer 
20th Century Fox | Directed by David Prior 
Produced by Stephen Christie 
PRISONER OF WAR Costume Designer 
Automatik Entertainment | Directed by Joe Miale 
Produced by James Harris 
MEGALODON Costume Designer 
Pilgrim Studios | Directed by Douglas Glover 
Produced by Brian Girard 
SERENA Assistant Costume Designer 
2929 Productions | Directed by Susanne Bier 
Produced by Peter McAleese 
LOST BOYS: THE THIRST Key Wardrobe Supervisor | Stills 
Warner Premier | Directed by Dario Piana 
Produced by Corey Feldman


INDIAN DETECTIVE Costume Designer 
Big Light Productions for Netflix | Directed by Sandy Johnson 
Produced by Trevor Hopkins 
OF KINGS AND PROPHETS  Costume Designer 
ABC Television | Directed by Michael Robinson 
Produced by Tina Grewal 
Series 1 
Costume Designer 
Universal Cable Productions | Directed by Rick Jacobson, Gary Holmes, Larry Shaw & Alan Kroeker
Produced by Vaun Wilmott 
Assistant Costume Designer 
Bold Films | Directed by Scott Stewart 
Produced by David Lancaster 
GREAT BRITISH STORY  Costume Designer 
Nutopia | Directed by Nick Green, Jenny Ash & Louise Hooper 
Produced by Ben Goold 
MANKIND Costume Designer 
Nutopia | Directed by Virginia Quinn, Nick Brown & Hugh Ballantyne 
Produced by Ben Goold 
BEAVER FALLS Costume Designer 
Company Pictures | Directed by Daniel O'Hara & Jack Clough 
Produced by Charlie Pattinson 
TARGET BIN LADEN  Costume Designer 
Nutopia | Directed by Barry Goodison 
Produced by Peter Guest 
THE RUNAWAY Costume Designer 
Sky | Directed by David Richards 
Produced by Nick Godding 
Season 6 
Costume Designer 
ITV | Directed by Maurice Phillips 
Produced by Charles Pattinson 


UBER Key Wardrobe 
Juice Film for Partizan | Directed by Anthony Wonke 
Produced by Carmen Amos 
TRANSAVIA Key Wardrobe 
Hello Baxter for Sovage | Directed by Julien Nodot 
Produced by Alison Ellard 
YOPLAIT  Key Wardrobe 
Juice Films for Rabel | Directed by Rani Carmeli 
Produced by Martin Jacobson 
HYUNDAI  Key Wardrobe 
Golden Planes for Film Service LLC | Directed by Frank Martin Schmidt 
Produced by Marchant Bellingan 
DUREX  Key Wardrobe 
Golden Planes for Film Service Moscow | Directed by Jeremy Charbit 
Produced by Marchant Bellingan 
TURBO KING Key Wardrobe 
Frieze Films | Directed by Tony Baggott 
Produced by Liz Dahl
SC JOHNSON Key Wardrobe 
Gatehouse | Directed by Guard Brothers 
Produced by Alexandra Lisee 
SEASHORE Key Wardrobe 
Golden Planes | Directed by Matt Lenski 
Produced by Herman Le Roux 
WALGREENS Key Wardrobe 
Gatehouse | Directed by Filip Engstrom 
Produced by Marc Blitstein 
RANI Key Wardrobe 
Giant Films | Directed by Peri Van Papendorp 
Produced by Laura Sampson 
GARNIER Key Wardrobe 
Moonlighting | Directed by Jean-Pierre Philippot 
Produced by Michelle Godson 
IKEA Key Wardrobe 
Orange Films | Directed by Gustav Johansson 
Produced by Jon Day 
VERIZON Key Wardrobe 
Gatehouse | Directed by Reynald Gresset 
Produced by Torben Bulbring 
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