Makeup & Hair Designer
Deirdre Cowley
Makeup & Hair, Prosthetics Designer

Selected Credits

Feature Films

Head of Department   
Netflix | Directed by Jane Campion 
Produced by Iain Canning 

THE TANK Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Designer  
Ajax Pictures | Directed by Scott Walker 
Produced by Matthew Metcalfe 

DON'T MAKE ME GO  Makeup & Hair Designer   
Amazon Studios | Directed by Hannah Marks 
Produced by Donald De Line 

ROYAL TREATMENT  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Netflix | Directed by Rick Jacobson 
Produced by Ellen Marano 

WHINA  Makeup & Hair Designer   
General Film Corporation | Directed by James Napier Robertson 
Produced by Matthew Metcalfe 

ONLY CLOUD KNOWS  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Alibaba Pictures | Directed by Xiaogang Feng 
Produced by Matt Noonan 

LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS  Makeup & Hair Supervisor  
Heydey Pictures | Directed by Derek Cianfrance 
Produced by Jeffrey Clifford 

CAVE INN  Makeup & Hair Designer  

TERROR PEAK  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Daybreak Pacific | Directed by Dale G. Bradley 
Produced by Grant Bradley 

TREASURE ISLAND  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Aria Films | Directed by Michael Hurst 
Produced by Dale G Bradley 

MOUNT EXTREME  Makeup & Hair Designer  

THE BUNKER  Makeup & Hair Designer 
Millenium Pictures | Directed by Rob Green  
Produced by Daniel Figuero 

THE VECTOR FILE  Makeup & Hair Designer   
Lionsgate | Directed by Elliot Christopher 
Produced by Grant Bradley
OZZIE  Makeup & Hair Designer   

NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Daybreak Official | Directed by John Laing 
Produced by Grant Bradley 

DOUBLE EXPOSURE  Makeup & Hair Designer   


Series 1 
Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Designer  
General Film Corporation | Directed by Peter Burger 
Produced by Glenn Standring 

Series 3 
Makeup & Hair Designer  
HBO Max | Directed by Jim Field Smith 
Produced by Jesse Hara 

MURDER IS FOREVER  Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Designer  
Discovery | Directed by Dudman 
Produced by Elizabeth Devine 

SHANNARA Hair Supervisor   
MTV | Directed by Brad Turner 
Produced by David Blocker 

FILTHY RICH  Makeup & Hair Designer   
Fox Network | Directed by Peter Burger 
Produced by Steven Zanoski

Short Films

YELLOW ROSES  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Whitiora Pictures | Directed & Produced by Paula Whetu Jones 

Directed by Javicia Leslie 
Produced by Iesha Clements 


WASHINGTON  Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Designer  
History Channel | Directed by Roel Reine
Produced by Matt Ginsburg 

ROMAN EMPIRE 2  Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Designer  
Netflix | Directed by Richard Lopez 
Produced by John Kilgour 

AMERICAN PLAYBOY  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Amazon Prime Video | Directed by Richard Lopez 
Produced by Brian Burstein 

ROMAN EMPIRE  Makeup & Hair Designer  
Netflix | Directed by Richard Lopez 
Produced by John Kilgour

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