The Great

Sarah Cardall-Spawforth

Location Manager

A pragmatic individual who knows intuitively what structure and organisation is needed to harness ideas and people to achieve both...

Lola Dauda

Script Supervisor

Lola is a UK-based Script Supervisor, experienced in film and television. She uses MacBook Pro with ScriptE software. She has experience...

Sian Grigg

Makeup & Hair Designer

Siân has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. She is based in Wales and is a fluent Welsh speaker. Siân...
Robyn has over 10 years of experience 1st Assisting Directing on HETV. Features and short form. She has international experience working...

Amanda Lean

Script Supervisor

Amanda is a highly experienced Script Supervisor working on Film & High End TV Drama worldwide. She has a great deal of experience...

Kieron Phipps

1st AD

Kieron Phipps is an Assistant Director who has a wealth of film knowledge, having progressed through the grades as a Third, Second...

Rhiannon Preece-Towey

Script Supervisor

Rhiannon is an experienced HETV script supervisor with 10+ years experience on British and American productions. She has worked abroad...

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