2nd AD
Marie Arbon
Assistant Directors

Marie is a 2nd Assistant Director who has worked on a variety of film, television and commercial productions.


(Season 3)
2nd Assistant Director - Dailies Block 2 and 3
Lime Pictures | Directed by Angelo Abela
Produced by Angelo Abela and Tim Compton | 1st AD: Tom Lancaster

(Season 3)
Talent Assistant Director
Lime Pictures | Directed by Marek Losey
Produced by Angelo Abela and Tim Compton | 1st AD: Richard Harris

(Season 3)
2nd Assistant Director - Block 2
CBBC/Totally Square | Directed by G Siougas 
Produced by Sally Martin | 1st AD: J Eckersley

EMMERDALE Unit Assistant
ITV | Directed by M Lacey/D Moor
Produced by Various | 1st AD: Various

CHEATED 2nd Assistant Director
UFA Fiction | Directed by Andreas Link
Produced by B Benedict and K Frehse | 1st AD: Sandro Silva

Feature Films

THE RUNAWAYS 1st Assistant Director
Slackjaw Films | Directed by R Heap
Produced by Mark Thomas and Richard Heap

HABIT 2nd Assistant Director
Habit Films | Directed by S Halligan
Produced by Rachel Richardson-Jones | 1st AD: J Eckersley

SUBJECT 2nd Assistant Director
Garden Gate Arts | Directed by Sarah Barker
Produced by Sarah Barker | 1st AD: V Trickett

DRAW ON SWEET NIGHT 3rd Assistant Director
Capriol Films | Directed by Tony Britten
1st AD: M Panayiotou

Short Films

PENALTY  1st Assistant Director
Acting On Impulse | Directed by L Pouchy
Produced by Luke Filz

THE ENERGY WITHIN 2nd Assistant Director
Cat & Bear Pictures | Directed by S de Caccatty
Produced by Manon Ardisson | 1st AD: N Wazzi

PROMISE 2nd Assistant Director
Reel Issues Films | Directed by Nev Pierce
Produced by Luke Walton | 1st AD: N Wazzi

PRESS CALL FOR HELP 1st Assistant Director
Acting On Impulse | Directed by Jamie Shelton
Produced by Luke Filz

PANEM AERIAL TOUR 2nd Assistant Director
Directed by C D. Magpuri
Produced by Jason Ambler and Brian Freestone | 1st AD: M Panayiotou

A SPECIAL GUEST  2nd Assistant Director
Joka Films | Directed by Kae Bahar
Produced by Jackie Sheppard | 1st Assistant Director - Mark Blaney

CAPTIVE  2nd Assistant Director
Scar Tissue Films | Directed by R Kinsella
Produced by R Kinsella | 1st Assistant Director - Katherine Shannon

LATE  3rd Assistant Director
Better Late Productions | Directed by Richard Elson
Produced by Emily Gascoyne | 1st AD - Satish O'Shea

THE CROSSING 2nd Assistant Director
Finite Production | Directed by Jack King
Produced by Garry Patton | 1st AD: M O’Neil

ONLY CHILD 2nd Assistant Director
Reel Issues Films | Directed by Andrew Toovey
Produced by Jackie Shepphard | 1st AD: Ian Smith



FASHION WORLD 2nd Assistant Director
Chief Productions | Directed by Daniel Cohen
1st AD: Rob Hunter

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