Line Producer
Lucy Jack

Lucy is an experienced Line Producer / Production Manager. 

Fully CRB Checked, BBC Health & Safety Trained, Child licensing Experience
Location research and contracting, factual Drama, comedy sketch show and Drama Documentary
productions. In depth knowledge of organising shoots abroad, sourcing fixers, locations, accommodation,
crew and kit. Organising carnets and transporting abroad costume and make up, camera and lighting
equipment, sound kit, props and other art department essentials. Production Management Course. Competent
using Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint, Scheduling & Final Draft. Filming abroad including
Jamaica, Spain, Budapest, Tunisia, France, Hungary and Spain


BBC / Leopard Pictures | Directed by Mackenzie Crook 
Produced by Georgie Fallon
2 x 60 min specials 
Series 2 
Line Producer | Prep only 
Sky TV | Directed by Richard Yee
Produced by John Pocock
6 x 30 min episodes 
Bigtalk Productions for BBC | Directed by Tom George 
Produced by Georgie Fallon 
6 x 30 min episodes 
Comedy Taster 
Line Producer 
Shiny Button Productions / 4Online | Directed by Jim Archer 
Produced by Rupert Majendie 
Line Producer 
CPL Productions for BBC | Directed by Tony Dow 
Produced by Mob Dar and Alan Thorpe
Series 1
Line Producer 
Various Artist LTD/E4 | Directed by Al Campbell 
Produced by Matthew Mulet 
Spelthorne Community TV | Sky Comedy (Urban Myths)
Directed by Simon Delaney
Executive Producers: Andrew Newman & Tim Allsop
DATEABLES Line Producer
Spelthorne Community TV | Channel 4 
Executive Producers: Andrew Newman & Tim Allsop
3 Episodes
Production Manager
Spelthorne Community TV LTD | Produced by Matthew Mulot
Executive Producers Andrew Newman & Tim Allsop
THE REUNION Production Manager
Pozzitive TV for C4 | Directed by Geoff Posner
Produced by David Tyler
Spelthorne Community TV for C4 | Directed by Paul G Raymond & Luke Manning
Produced by Matthew Mulot
Executive Producers Andrew Newman & Tim Allsop
Spelthorne Community TV | Produced by Matthew Mulot
AVATARDS Line Producer
Comedy Blap for C4 | Directed by Jamie Jay Johnson
Produced by Matthew Mulot
BLAGGERS Production Manager
Freemantle Media UK | Directed by Julian Simpson
Short comedy drama
FUNGUS THE BOGEYMAN Production Manager
Sky TV, Imaginarium | Directed by Catherine Morshead
4 x 60 Family drama 
WITLESS Production Co-ordinator
Objective Productions | Directed by Adam Miller
Produced by Charlotte Lewis | Comedy Pilot for BBC 
Series 6
Production Co-ordinator 
CBBC | Directed by Simon Gibney & Ian Curtis 
Produced by Tom Miller | Line Producer Hsinyi Liu
12 x 30 Min Comedy Children's Sketch Show 
FLAVOURS  Production Manager 
Retort TV & Channel 4 | Directed by Al Campbell
Produced by Jon Mcqueen | Comedy Blap 
CHEWING GUM  Production Manager
Retort TV & Channel 4 | Directed by Nick Collett
Produced by Kelly McGolpin 
BIRDS OF A FEATHER Post Production Supervisor
Alomo Productions & ITV Productions
Directed by Dez McCarthy | Produced by Jo Willett 
THE VODKA DIARIES  Production Co-ordinator
Feelgood Fiction for BBC Three | Directed by James De Frond
Produced by Iona Sweeney | Comedy Pilot 

Series 2
Production Co-ordinator
BBC & CBBC Productions | Series Producer Rob Hyde
PM Derek Drennan | Vic Reeves & Dan Skinner star in
this innovative kids 13 x 30 mins educational comedy
sketch show for BBC | Filmed at Pinewood Studios
BIG BAD WORLD Production Co-ordinator
Objective Prods | Directed by Tristram Shapeero
Produced by Kate Daughton | Comedy Pilot
Christmas Specials
Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Directed by Tony Dow
Produced by John Rushton
CATWALK DOGS Production Co-ordinator
Shed Productions | Directed by Tim Sullivan
Produced by Spencer Campbell | Written by Simon Nye
DIANA Production Co-ordinator
Dangerous Films | Directed by Richard Dale
Produced by Rebecca Hedderly | DocuDrama
DUSTBIN BABY Production Co-ordinator
BBC & Kindle Ent. | Directed by Juliet May
Executive Producers Anne Brogan & Melanie Stokes
Adaptation of the book 'Dustbin Baby' by Jacqueline Wilson
VICTORIA CROSS HEROES Production Co-ordinator
Empire Media Productions for Channel 5
Directed by Mary McMurray, Nick White & Steven Clarke
Produced by Peter Georgi | 3-Part documentary
THE WIDE SARGASSO SEA Production Co-ordinator
Kudos Prods | Directed by Brenden Maher
Produced by Elwen Rowlands | TV Film
RISE & FALL OF ROME Production Co-ordinator
Directed by Tim Dunn | Produced by Mark Hedgoe
Drama Documentary | Shot in London & Tunisia
IF.........OIL Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Directed by Bren Simson
Produced by Guy Smith | Written by Sarah Woods
MIGHTY TRUCK OF STUFF Production Co-ordinator
Endemol | Directed by Unknown 
Produced by Juliette Dennison & Jo Mace
3 x 5 min Short Children's Dramas
PANORAMA: SURGEON 23 Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Directed by Howard Bradburn
Drama reconstructions shot on location in hospital
SLAVE TRADER Production Co-ordinator
Diverse TV | Directed by Michael Samuels
Period Drama for BBC
EASY PEASY Production Co-ordinator
Thames TV |  Directed by Mandie Fletcher
Produced by Margo Gavan Duffy | Sitcom Pilot
BERNARD'S WATCH Production Co-ordinator
Granada | Directed by Nigel Bristow
Produced by Nicci Crowther | Shot in Leeds
13-Part Children's Drama Series
UNITED Production Co-ordinator
Carlton Television | Directed by Julian Holmes
Produced by Melanie Stokes | Childrens Drama

Feature Films

PUDSEY: THE MOVIE Production Co-ordinator
Vertigo Films & Syco Productions | Directed by Nick Moore
Produced by Marshall Leviten & Rupert Preston 
BEING JULIA Production Co-ordinator
Hogarth Productions | Directed by Istvan Szabo
Featuring Annette Benning, Michael Gambon,
Jeremy Irons & Miriam Margoyles

Short Films

TOO MANY GODS Production Manager
Carlton | Directed by Angelo Abela
Produced by Melanie Stoles | Short Film 

Other Credits

BLAGGERS  Production Manager
Freemantle Media | Directed by Julian Simpson
Exec Producer Jon Rolph | Produced by Candida Julian Jones
Short 15 minute trailer
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