Costume Designer
Luciano Capozzi

Luciano is best known for his stunning period work on ‘Titanic: Blood & Steel’, 'AD: The Bible' and 'Los Borgia'.
 Lu also designs contemporary and fantasy with an unprecedented commitment to his profession.
His stunning work and attention to detail has meant that he has worked with the same directors several times over.

He is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish.

Winner of 2012 Premio Internazionale Cinearti La Chioma Di Berenice for Best Costume Designer in “Titanic Blood and Steel”
Winner of 2012 Premio Ninfa d’Oro for Best European Fiction in “Titanic Blood and Steel”
Winner of 2009 Premios Corona for Best Costume Design in “Los Borgia”
Winner of 2008 Rome Fiction Festival for Best Costume Drama in “La figlia di Elisa”
Winner of 2008 Festival Cinéma & Costume Prize for Best Costume Design for “Los Borgia”

Nomination in 2013 Premio Internazionale Cinearti La Chioma Di Berenice for Best Costume Designer in “Inspector Nardone”
Nominated for 2006  Academia de las artes y las ciencias cinematograficas de Espana for Best Costumes in “Los Borgia”

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FATE: THE WINX CLUB SAGA Costume Designer Of The First Concept
Netflix | Produced by Judy Counihan

A.D  Costume Designer
LightWorkers Media for NBC Universal 
Directed by Ciaran Donnelly (Block 1) & Tony Mitchell (Block 2) 
Produced by Richard Bedser | Line Producer Eamon Fitzpatrick
Executive Producers Roma Doney & Mark Burnett 

Costume Consultant 
DAP Italy | Directed by Gianni Lepre & Fabio Jefhcott
Featuring Jen Sorel & Ottavia Piccolo | Modern TV Series 

Costume Designer
3 Arts Entertainment | Directed by Ciaran Donnelly
Ninfa D'Or 'Best European Fiction' at Monte Carlo Fiction Festival 
Berenice Prize for 'Best Costume Design'
Historical TV series set in Ireland 1912. 

Costume Designer
DAP Italy | Directed by Fabrizio Costa 
Historical TV series set in Italy 1940 - 1960 
Berenice Nomination for 'Best Costume Designer'

LOS BORGIA Costume Designer
Antena Aragon | Directed by Antonio Hernandez 
Festival International Cinema et Costumes 'Best Costumes' 
Premio Goya 'Best Costume Design' Nomination
Premios Corona 'Mejor Vestuario' 
Historical film set in Italy & Spain 1480

De Agostini | Directed by Aldo Zappala
History Museum DVD with Omar Shariff
COLPO DI FULMINE Costume Designer
Dap Italy | Directed by Roberto Malenotti
Featuring Fabio Testi, Vincent Arana & Lola Ponce
IL FALCO E LA COLOMBA Costume Designer
DAP Italy | Directed by Georgio Serafini
DOTTOR CLOWN Costume Designer
DAP Italy | Mediatrade Director: Maurizio Nichetti 
LA FIGLIA DI ELISA Costume Designer
DAP Italy | Directed by Stefano Alleva
2008 Rome Fiction Festival Prize for Best Costume Drama


Feature Films

DAKOTA Costume Designer 
Iervolino Entertainment | Directed by Kirk Harris
Featuring Abbie Cornish, Tim Rozen, William Baldwin & Lola Sultan

RESURRECTION Costume Designer 
Discovery+ | Directed by Ciaran Donnelly
Produced by Richard Bedser, Roma Downey, Mark Burnett & Gina Cronk
Featuring Pablo de Pace, Greta Scacchi & Chipo Chung

Iervolino Entertainment | Directed by Marcus Stokes
Produced by Harry Finkel, Andrea Iervolino & Silvio Muraglia

Small Island Ltd | Directed by Andrew Hyatt 
Produced by T.J Berden
Featuring Jim Caviziel & James Faulkner 

HEIDI AND THE MAGIC POOL Costume Designer | Prep
Directed by Bhavna Talvar
Produced by Simon Wright

MADNESS  Costume Designer | Prep
Media Pictures Int. | Directed by Antonio Bonifacio

TI STRAMO Costume Designer
DAP Italy | Directed by Pino Insegno & Gianluca Sodaro

WHAT NOT Costume Designer
Fox Lady Productions | Directed by Unknown 

TANDEM Costume Designer
ITC Movie | Directed by Lucio Pellegrini

'O RE  Assistant Costume Designer
Clemi Cinematografica | Directed by Luigi Magni
Feature set in the Pontifical State

MORTACCI Assistant Costume Designer
L'Unione Cinematografica S.R.L | Directed by Sergio Citti


Short Films

J.E.S Costume Designer
Company Unknown | Directed by Victor Alfieri | Horror
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