Line Producer
Livia Rao

Experience working both overseas and extensively around the UK
She is known for her can-do attitude

Livia is also very experienced with travelling crews & equipments
across different continents, VFX/SFX & action films requirements
Livia speaks fluent Italian

Feature Films

GATECRASH Line Producer 
BirdBox Entertainment | Directed by Lawrence Gough 
Produced by Craig Conway & Kirsty Bell 
GIANTLAND Line Producer
Directed by Yousaf Ali Khan | Produced by Craig Conway,
Gina Fegen & Kirsty Bell | DOP Kyle Heslop
LIES WE TELL Line Producer
Bradford International Film Associates | Directed by Mitu Misra
Produced by Danny Gulliver & Andy McDermott
BROKEN  Line Producer 
BB88 Films | Directed by Shaun Robert Smith 
Produced by Craig Conway & Kirsty Bell 
MISS YOU ALREADY  Production Manager
Embargo Films | Directed by Catherine Hardwicke
Produced by Chris Simon & Felix Vossen
Featuring Drew Barrymore & Toni Collette
BREAKING THE BANK  Production Manager
BTB Productions SPV Ltd | Directed by Vadim Jean
Produced by Jake Seal | Line Producer Ian Sharples
Production Manager
Storm Films | Directed by Lisa Gamlem & John Andreas Andersen
Produced by Frederick Howard, Fredrik Stobakk & Kwesi Dickson
BOOK OF GABRIELLE Production Manager
Valiant Doll Productions | Directed by Lisa Gornick
Produced by Alex Thiele | DOP Amarjeet Singh 
SCINTILLA Production Manager
Liquid Noise Films | Directed by Billy O'Brien
Produced by Lionel Hicks | Line Producer Steve Newton
ONE NIGHT IN ISTANBUL Production Manager
Stray Dogs Prods | Directed by James Marquard
Line Producer Krystian Kozlowski | DOP Mathew Whyte
THE QUIET ONES Production Manager
Hammer Productions, TPSC & Exclusive Media
Directed by John Pogue | Produced by Ben Holden 
Production Manager
Heles Film Production SRL e Pixstar SRL 
Directed by Anna di Francisca | DOP Duccio Cimatti
LOST IN ITALY Production Manager | Italian Unit
Finger of Suspicion | Directed by Craig Viveiros
Produced by Glen Murphy | DOP James Friend
I AGAINST I Production Manager
Stray Dogs Prods | Directed by Mark Cripps
Cinematographer Matthew Whyte
SHADOWS IN THE SUN Production Manager
Giant Films | Directed by David Rocksavage
Cinematographer Milton Kam
RU486 Production Co-ordinator
Xilomanchy Films | Directed by Irene Maffei
Cinematographer Dagmar Sheibenreif
I, DON GIOVANNI Production Co-ordinator
La Fabrichetta & Procacci | Directed by Carlos Saura
Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro 


THE ART OF FOLEY  Production Manager
Slim Film & TV Productions for E4 | Online Pilot 
GLUE  Online Content PM & Main Unit Cover (1 Week) 
Eleven Films for E4 | Directed by Oliver Blackburn,
Cathy Brady & Daniel Nettheim | Produced by Joel Wilson 


GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA Production Manager
Urban Stories Prods | Directed by Annalisa Piras
Interviewer Bill Emmott | DOP Daria D'antonio

Short Films

NOAH IS BACK! Production Manager
Directed by Mark Playne | Produced by Can Altung
DOP Ilker Berke
SAILCLOTH Production Manager
Berserk Prods | Directed by Elfar Adalsteins
Grand Jury Prize Winner at Rhode Island Film Festival
Officially Shortlisted for Oscars 2012
SUBCULTURE Production Manager
Berserk Productions & Stray Dogs Films
Directed by Elfar Adalsteins | DOP Matthew Whyte 
LES MOUCHES Production Manager
Directed by Leon Yan

Other Credits

Commissioned by Halcyon Gallery | Directed by Ashley Gehting
DoP: Neil Harvey


JEEP AND VICE UK Production Manager 
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