Production Designer
Kay Brown
Art Director, Set Decorator

Kay has a vast experience working on TV Drama and Features. She has excellent skills in production design, set design, technical drawing, location dressing, research, set decorating and great organisational skills. 

Feature Films

IP MAN 4 Set Decorator
Bullet Films/Mandarin Motion Pictures | Directed by Wilson Yip
Produced by Raymond Pak-Ming Wong & Donnie Yen

THE BROMLEY BOYS Production Designer & Set Decorator
Itchy Fish Film | Directed by Steve Kelly
Produced by Dean Fisher & TJ Herbert

HALLOWS EVE  Production Designer
October31 Films Ltd | Directed by Brad Watson
Produced by Brad Watson

TONY BENN: WILL & TESTAMENT  Production Designer & Set Decorator
Praslin Pictures | Directed by Skip Kite
Produced by Skip Kite 

Praslin Pictures | Directed by Skip Kite 
Produced by Sanjay Kumar

THE 7TH DIMENSION  Production Designer
Consequence Films Ltd | Directed by Brad Watson
Produced by Janice de la Mare

IN THE LOOP Art Director
BBC Films/UK Film Council | Directed by Armando Iannucci
Produced by Adam Tandy & Kevin Loader

MY ANGEL Production Designer
CKM Entertainment | Directed by Stephen Cookson
Produced by Stephen Cookson 

ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE? Production Designer
Carnaby Films | Directed by Helen Grace
Produced by Trudy Sargent 

LOST DOGS Production Designer
Optimist Films | Directed by Jim Doyle 
Produced by Neville Raschid & John Sapsford

A LOVING FATHER Production Designer
Canal+ | Directed by Jacob Berger
Produced by Gérard Depardieu & Jean-Pierre Guérin

THE LAST DROP Art Director
Carnaby International | Directed by Colin Teague 
Produced by Hamish Skeggs

Green Park Films | Directed by Brian Kirk
Produced by Michael Casey

HEIDI Stand-by Art Director
Piccadilly Pictures | Directed by Paul Marcus
Produced by Martyn Auty & Christopher Figg 

SPIVS Art Director
Carnaby Films | Directed by Colin Teague
Produced by Hamish Skeggs

TRINITY Art Director
Worldmark Films Ltd | Directed by Gary Boulton-Brown
Produced by Gary Boulton-Brown, Robert Carter & David Wooster

MONK DAWSON Stand-by Art Director
De Warrenne Pictures | Directed by Tom Waller
Produced by Tom Waller



BREEDERS 2  Set Decorator 
Avalon for Sky | Directed by Ben Palmer & Ollie Parsons
Produced by Toby Welch

Series 2 & 3
Set Decorator
Green Door Pictures for Sky | Directed by Alexander Johnson & Ian Aryeh
Produced by Idris Elba & Gina Carter

BANG GOES THE THEORY Production Designer
BBC | Directed by Alex Freeman, Jacqui Farnham & More
Produced by Nick Watson, Jake Cardew & Giles Harrison

TORCHWOOD Production Designer & Set Decorator 
BBC | Directed by Andy Goddard
Produced by Richard Stokes

EASTENDERS Production Designer
BBC | Directed by Various
Produced by Various

CIVIL WAR - ENGLAND'S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM Production Designer & Set Decorator
John Gau Productions/Channel 4 | Directed by Paul Sen
Produced by John Gau

OF THE LAND Production Designer
BBC Wales | Directed by Michael Bogdanov
HORIZON SPECIAL - THE WINGS OF ANGELS Production Designer & Set Decorator
BBC | Directed by Philip Martin

DREAM TEAM  Production Designer
Hewland International | Directed by Riitta-Leena Lynn, Marcus D.F. White & More
Produced by Ellen Taylor & Ben Harries

MENTORS Production Designer
Fiction Labs/BBC | Directed by Sara Dunlop, Louis Caulfield, Hardeep Singh & Nick Copus

BEL'S BOYS Art Director & Set Decorator
Endemol Entertainment | Directed by N.G. Bristow & Dez McCarthy
Produced by Susan Breen & Colin McKeown 

HOLLYOAKS Stand-by Art Director
Mersey TV | Directed by Various
Produced by Various

Juniper | Directed by Justin Hardy
Produced by John Toba

CORONATION STREET  Stand-by Art Director 
Granada | Directed by Various
Produced by Various 

Short Films

HANGMAN Art Director 


BP - STEM Production Designer

KRONENBOURG 1664 LAGER Set Decorator & Props Buyer

DFS SOFAS Set Decorator & Props Buyer

NaCTSCO Production Designer & Set Decorator 

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