Irma Puzauskaite |Intimacy Coordinator

In addition to her extensive training, Irma holds certification from the prestigious Intimacy Professionals Association, where she studied under the guidance of Amanda Blumenthal. This certification reflects her exceptional expertise in managing and facilitating intimate scenes on set, ensuring the comfort and safety of the actors involved. She is deeply committed to building trust-based relationships with actors and approaches each project with a dedication to fully grasping the director's vision.


Collaboration, honesty, and care are the guiding principles of her approach, fostering an environment where open communication and mutual respect thrive. Irma's unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive space ensures that all individuals involved in the creative process feel safe, valued, and empowered. She is mental health first aid trained.


Irma is also an accomplished filmmaker with a strong foundation in directing, specializing in working closely with actors. She has honed her craft through invaluable mentorship from esteemed professionals such as Judith Weston, Barry Primus, and Steven Ditmyer (Meisner technique). With a keen eye for storytelling and a deep understanding of the actor's craft, Irma brings a unique perspective to her work.




Lion Television for Netflix | Showrun by Tony Mitchell
THE KILL LIST Intimacy Coordinator
72 Films / Abroad Films for Sky | Directed by Alice Smith
Produced by Rebecca Cody
Series 3
Intimacy Coordinator
Story House Pictures GmbH for RTL+ | Directed by Andy Fetscher
QUEEN CLEOPATRA Intimacy Consultant
Nutopia for Netflix | Directed by Tina Gharavi
Exec. Producer Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith
THE EX-WIFE Intimacy Coordinator
Paramount+ | Directed by Brian O'Malley
Produced by Andy Morgan
ROYAL MOB Intimacy Coordinator
Nutopia / Sky History Channel | Directed by Fraser Macdonald
Line Producer Kate Bullions
PARADISE Intimacy Coordinator
NEUESUPER for Netflix | Directed by Boris Kunz
Produced by Simon Amberger, Nathalie Bouteiller-Marin & Nina Kammermeier
ANNE BOLEYN Intimacy Coordinator
Netflix | Directed by James Bryce 
Produced by Hannah Farrell & Faye Ward

Feature Films

UNDRESS ME / DU BIST ES Intimacy Coordinator
W&B Television GmbH for Amazon Prime | Directed by Tim Trachte
Executive Producer Christina Henne
Intimacy Coordinator
M-Films | Directed by Marija Kavtaradze
Produced by Marija Razgute
Sundance Best Directing Award WINNER
Intimacy Coordinator
Nordic Entertainment Group for Viaplay | Directed by Lasse Hallstrom
Produced by Helena Danielsson, Lasse Hallström & Sigurjon Sighvatsson

Music Videos

NONEXISTER Intimacy Coordinator
Dynamic Frame (Switzerland) | Directed by David Bullivant

Other Credits

Best Supporting Actress at California Women's Film Festival
90 Minutes, Lithuania 
Festival del Cinema Europeo, Lecce: Best Cinematography Award, Cineurope Award, Public Award
Director | Writer | Editor
17 Minutes, US

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