Make-Up & Hair Artist
Heather Manson
Make-Up & Hair Designer

A fully qualified all round hairdresser and makeup artist, Heather enjoys being a little cog in the
creative film machine. She is also a compulsive learner and takes as many courses as she can as
well as thoroughly immersing herself in research for all her projects. Drawn to the hair and
makeup department from her love of film production, her passion is to create believable,
memorable characters in collaboration with the performers and visionaries she works with. 

Feature Films

DARKEST HOUR Hair and Make-Up Artist
Helecopter Film Services | Directed by Joe Wright
Produced by Tim Bevan, Lisa Bruce & Eric Fellner
Featuring John Hurt, Lily James & Gary Oldman
Make-Up Designer Ivana Primorac
TRAINSPOTTING 2 Hair and Make-Up Artist
TS2 Productions | Directed by Danny Boyle
Produced by Bernie Nellew
Make-Up Designer Ivana Primorac
IF YOU SEE HER Hair Designer
Paragrah Pictures | Directed by Joan Carr-Wigan
Produced by David Gordian
CRYPTIC Hair and Make-Up Artist 
Cryptic Ltd | Directed by Bart Ruspoli, Fred Hutton-Mills
Designer Emma Slater
SUNSET SONG Hair and Make-Up Aritst
Sunset Song Ltd | Directed by Terence Davies
Designer Katja Reinert (Graham Johnston supervisor)
Make-Up & Hair Artist | Dailies
Amblin Entertainment | Directed by Steven Spielberg
Produced by Frank Marshall, Revel Guest & Kathleen Kennedy
NOWHERE BOY Make-Up & Hair Artist
Nowhere Boy Productions Ltd | Directed by Sam Taylor Wood
Make-Up Designer Jeremy Woodhead
CREATION Make-Up & Hair Artist
RPC Films Ltd | Directed by Jon Amiel
Designer Veronica McAleer
IN YOUR DREAMS Make-Up & Hair Artist
In Your Dreams Productions Ltd | Directed by Gary Sinyor
Make-Up Designer Amy Moorcroft
THE BAKER Make-Up & Hair Artist
Shakespeare's Cake Productions Ltd
Directed by Gareth Lewis | Designer Amy Moorcroft
THE WEE MAN Make-Up & Hair Designer
Carnaby International | Directed by Ray Burdis
Produced by Mike Loveday | Featuring John Hannah
BOOKED OUT Make-Up & Hair Designer
BON Productions Ltd | Directed by Brian O'Neil
Produced by Sam Alani & Jonathan Weissler
A DISTANT MIRAGE Make-Up & Hair Designer
Distant Mirage Films Ltd
Directed & Produced by Harbhajan Virdi
DIAGNOSIS: SUPERSTAR Make-Up & Hair Designer
Weeble Films Ltd | Directed by Michael Tchoubouroff


Make-up & Hair Designer
BBC Studios | Directed by Jon Jones & Carl Tibbetts
Produced by Lisa Osborne
Series 2
Make-Up & Hair Artist
Stillking Films Ltd | Directed by Jamie Payne, Alrick Riley
Produced by Ken Biller, Kelly Manners, Michael Posey
A.D. THE BIBLE CONTINUES Make-Up & Hair Artist
Lightworkers Media | Directed by Ciaran Donnelly
Produced by Richard Bedser 
EVE Make-Up & Hair Artist
Leopard Drama Ltd / CBBC 
Directed by Adrian MacDowell, Adrian Mead, Jonathan Fox-Bassett
Produced by Peter Gallagher
YOU, ME & THEM Make-Up & Hair Artist
Hat Trick Ltd | Directed by Simon Hynd
Produced by Angela Sinden
THE DOORS Make-Up & Hair Artist
TR Productions | Directed by Adrian Vitoria
Produced by Toby Richards
UGLY BETTY Make-Up & Hair Artist | London Unit
Tiger Aspect Ltd | Directed by Victor Nelli Jnr
Production Manager Mona Benjamin


MICHAEL PAGE Make-Up & Hair Artist
Moon Ltd | Directed by David Schneider
JO NESBO'S PHANTOM Make-Up & Hair Artist
Gemini Films Ltd | Directed by Yasmin Al-Naib
Black Jack Films Ltd | Directed by Atanasio & Martinez
BBC ASIAN NETWORK Make-Up & Hair Artist
Red Bee Media | Directed by Guillaume Delaperriere
AMAZON Make-Up & Hair Artist
Gemini Films | Directed by Yasmin Al-Naib
Great Guns | Directed by Calum McDiaurmid
JO NESBO'S THE LEOPARD Make-Up & Hair Artist
Gemini Films Ltd | Directed by Yasmin Al-Naib
DEUTSCHE BANK Make-Up & Hair Artist
Flawless Media Ltd | Directed by David King
CWU TV Make-Up & Hair Artist
Flawless Media Ltd | Directed by Matt Clifford
CASINO TV Make-Up & Hair Artist
Liquid TV Ltd | Directed by Andy Melbourne

Short Films

FRACTURED Make-Up & Hair Designer
Max Jourdan Films Ltd | Directed & Produced by Max Jourdan
AIR Make-Up & Hair Designer 
The Hybrid Project, V & A | Directed by Emma MacLennan
Produced by Hayley Nebauer
THE RING CYCLE Make-Up & Hair Designer 
Ring Cycle Productions Ltd | Directed by Erin Cramer 
Produced by Yasmin Rais
DUAL Make-Up & Hair Designer
Ipso Facto Films | Directed by Keith & David Lynch
ROAR Make-Up & Hair Designer
Duckrabbit Productions Ltd | Directed by Adam Wimpenny
HOTEL Make-Up & Hair Designer
Oyster Films Ltd | Directed by Tim Conrad
HIT GIRLS Make-Up & Hair Designer
TLK Productions Ltd | Directed by Adrian Vittoria
SILVERTIDE Make-Up & Hair Designer
Stanhope Films | Directed by John Derbyshire
OLD HARRY Make-Up & Hair Designer
Eye Cue Pictures | Directed by Benjamin Johns 
CLIVE HOLE Make-Up & Hair Designer
Playground Pictures Ltd | Directed by James Carter-Johnson
ZIP N ZOO Make-Up & Hair Designer
Blue Planet Films | Directed by Bruce Robertson
BILL OF MORTALITY Make-Up & Hair Designer
Company Unknown | Directed by Heather Dixon
WHEN I STAND ON THE MOON Make-Up & Hair Designer
Oceansky Pictures Ltd | Directed by Mark Fisher
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