Script Supervisors
Emilija Paulauskaite
Script Supervisor

Emilija is a digital script supervisor who is quick on her feet with an iPad and ScriptE. She has worked on multi camera set ups, VFX and is competent with British, American and European slating. 


SAS: ROGUE HEROES Script Supervisor
Kudos for BBC One | Director Tom Shankland
Produced by Stephen Smallwood

RIDLEY ROAD Script Supervisor
Red Production Company | Directed by Lisa Mulcahy
Produced by Betsan Morris Evans

THE SERPENT Script Supervisor
Mammoth Screen | Directed by Tom Shankland & Hans Herbots
Produced by Stephen Smallwood

Series 2
Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
Eleven for Netflix | Directed by Kate Herron & Ben Taylor
Produced by Jon Jennings

Series 5 
Script Supervisor 
Kudos | Directed by Christiana Ebohon-Green
Produced by Rebecca Eaton

Series 12
Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover
BBC Wales | Directed by Various
Produced by Nikki Wilson, Alex Mercer & Matt Strevens

AGENT HAMILTON Script Supervisor 
Dramacorp Pampas Studios | Directed by Erik Leijonborg (Block 1), Lisa Farzaneh (Block 2) & Per Hanefjord (Block 3)
Produced by Petra Jönsson & Martina Stöhr

JESUS: HIS LIFE  Script Supervisor 
Nutopia Limited | Directed by Adrian McDowall (Block 1), Craig Pickles (Block 2) & Ashley Pearce (Block 3)
Series Producer: Simon Breen | Series Line Producer: Lindy Taylor | Drama Line Producer: Ned Dowd

CHERNOBYL  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Sister Pictures / The Mighty Mint for HBO / Sky | Directed by Johan Renck (Main Unit) & Mans Mansson (2nd Unit) 
Produced by Sanne Wohlenberg 

THE LAST CZARS  Script Supervisor 
Nutopia for Netflix | Directed by Adrian McDowall & Gareth Tunley 
Series Producer Hereward Pelling 

Feature Films

LX 2048 Script Supervisor 
Chimera Pictures / Lituanica Films | Directed by Guy Moshe 
Produced by Matthew G. Zamias & Pedro Tarantino 

INSTRUMENT OF WAR  Script Supervisor 
Kaleidoscope Pictures / Baltic Film Services | Directed by Adam Anderegg 
Produced by Russ Kendall 

THE PAGAN KING  Script Supervisor 
Platforma Film / Baltic Film Services | Directed by Aigars Grauba 
Produced by Andrejs Ekis 

MIRACLE  Script Supervisor 
In Script | Directed by Egle Vertelyte 
Produced by Lukas Trimonis 

THE MAD AXEMAN  Script Supervisor 
Fugitive Films / Boudica Films | Directed by William Kerley
Produced by Rebecca Long & Ian Davies 

OWL MOUNTAIN  Script Supervisor 
Kino Gambya | Directed by Audrius Juzenas 

HOW TO WIN HER BACK IN 7 DAYS  Script Supervisor 
Singing Fish | Directed by Andrius Ziurauskas 

PURPLE MIST  Script Supervisor 
Studija 2 | Directed by Raimundas Banionis 

ROBERTELIS  Script Supervisor 
Singing Fish | Directed by Andrius Ziurauskas 

Short Films

WHEN THE LIGHTS COME OFF  Script Supervisor 
Dansu Films | Directed by Jonas Trukanas 
MOBIUS BOND  Script Supervisor
Tremora | Directed by Emilija Riviere 
SOLATIUM  Script Supervisor 
Toy Pictures | Directed by Christina Tynkevych 
DAY ONE  Script Supervisor 
Praktika Films | Directed by Anthony Z. James 
JULIET REMEMBERED  Script Supervisor
Juvenilia Films | Directed by Tamzin Merchant 
PAINT ME  Script Supervisor 
Fox Hole Productions | Directed by Guilherme Oliveira 
THE INVITATION  Script Supervisor 
Praktika Films | Directed by Anthony Z. James 


ALITA  Script Supervisor 
Dansu Films | Directed by Ignas Jonynas 
VIAPLAY  Script Supervisor 
Dansu Films | Directed by Lina Luzyte 
ARLA  Script Supervisor 
Carmichael Lynch | Directed by Vesa Manninen 
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