Script Supervisors
Elizabeth L. (Liz) West
Script Supervisor

Liz is a very experienced Script Supervisor who has worked with
some of the biggest names in the industry and all over the world. 
Liz is also fluent in German

Selected Credits


Feature Films

TOFF GUYS Script Supervisor 
Miramax | Directed by Guy Richie
Produced by Guy Richie 
Featuring Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell,
Michelle Dockery & Henry Golding
ALADDIN Script Supervisor
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | Directed by Guy Richie
Produced by Dan Lin & Marc Platt
Featuring Will Smith
DISOBEDIENCE Script Supervisor
Braven Films | Directed by Sebastian Lelio
Produced by Ed Guiney, Frida Torresblanco & Rachel Weisz
Featuring Rachel McAdams & Rachel Weisz
KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Script Supervisor | Additional Photography
Twentieth Century Fox | Directed by Matthew Vaughan
Produced by Adam Bohling, David Reid & Matthew Vaughn
Featuring Channing Tatum, Taron Egerton, Jeff Bridges & Halle Berry
THE FOREIGNER Script Supervisor
STX Entertainment | Directed by Martin Campbell
Produced by Wayne Marc Godfrey & D Scott Lumpkin
Featuring Jackie Chan & Pierce Brosnan
Script Supervisor
Warner Bros. | Directed by Guy Ritchie
Produced by Akiva Goldsman, Joby Harold,
Guy Ritchie, Tory Tunnell & Lionel Wigram 
Featuring Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, 
Jude Law & Astrid Berges-Frisbey 
URBAN HYMN Script Supervisor
Eclipse Films | Directed by Michael Caton-Jones 
Produced by Neil Chordia, Andrew Berg & John Sachs
Featuring Shirley Henderson, Letitia Wright, Ian Hart,
Isabella Laughland, Steven Mackintosh & Billy Bragg
THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E Script Supervisor
Warner Bros. | Directed by Guy Ritchie 
Produced by Steve Clark-Hall, John Davis, Jeff Kleeman & Lionel Wigram
Featuring Henry Cavill, Hugh Grant & Armie Hammer
THE BOOK THIEF Script Supervisor
Fox 2000 Pictures | Directed by Brian Percival 
Produced by Ken Blancato & Karen Rosenfelt
Featuring Geoffrey Rush & Emily Watson
CLOSED Script Supervisor
Working Title & Focus Features | Directed by John Crowley
Featuring Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent & Eric Bana
Produced by Tim Bevan
SHERLOCK HOLMES II Script Supervisor
Lin Pictures & Warner Bros | Directed by Guy Ritchie
Produced by Dan Lin, Joel Silver, Susan Downey & Lionel Wigram
Featuring Robert Downey Jnr, Jude Law & Noomi Rapace
W.E Script Supervisor
Semtex Films | Directed by Madonna
Featuring Abbie Cornish & Laurence Fox
Produced by Colin Vaines
Script Supervisor
Tomori Films | Directed by Dana Lustig  
Featuring Emilia Fox, Dougray Scott & Forrest Whittaker
ROBIN HOOD Script Supervisor
Imagine Entertainment | Directed by Ridley Scott
Featuring Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe & William Hurt
Produced by Brian Grazer & Russell Crowe
SHERLOCK HOLMES Script Supervisor
Lin Pictures & Warner Bros | Directed by Guy Ritchie
Produced by Lionel Wigram, Steve Clark-Hall & Susan Downey
Featuring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law & Rachel McAdams
THE DESCENT 2 Script Supervisor
Celador Films | Directed by Jon Harris
Produced by Christian Colson
ROCKNROLLA Script Supervisor
Warner Bros & Dark Castle Entertainment
Directed by Guy Richie | Produced by Steve Clark-Hall
Featuring Thandie Newton, Gerard Butler & Mark Strong
DEATH AT A FUNERAL Script Supervisor
Sidney Kimmel Ent. | Directed by Frank Oz
Produced by Diana Philips & Share Stalling
Featuring Matthew Macfadyen & Keeley Hawes
UNITED 93 Script Supervisor
Working Title & Universal | Directed by Paul Greengrass
Produced by Lloyd Levin & Tim Bevan
THE DESCENT Script Supervisor
Celador & Pathe | Directed by Neil Marshall
Produced by Christian Colson & Paul Richie
ALFIE  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
Paramount | Directed by Charles Shyer
Produced by Elaine Pope & Charles Shyer
Featuring Jude Law & Sienna Miller
THE WEDDING DATE Script Supervisor
Gold Circle Films | Directed by Clare Kilner
Produced by Paul Brooks, Natalie Marciano & Michelle Chydzik
LONG TIME DEAD Script Supervisor
Working Title Films | Directed by Marcus Adams
Featuring Lucas Haas, Tom Bell & Alec Newman
Produced by James Gay-Rees
ALI G INDAHOUSE Script Supervisor
Working Title & Universal | Directed by Mark Mylod
Produced by Dan Mazer, Tim Bevan & Eric Fellner
THE TRENCH Script Supervisor
Somme Productions | Directed by William Boyd
Produced by Steve Clark-Hall | Featuring Daniel Craig
STILL CRAZY Script Supervisor
Columbia Tristar | Directed by Brian Gibson
Featuring Bill Nighy & Billy Connolly
Produced by Amanda Marmot 
WHAT RATS WON'T DO Script Supervisor
Polygram | Directed by Alastair Reid
Produced by Tim Bevan & Nicky Kentish-Barnes
Featuring Charles Dance & Natasha McElhorne
I WANT YOU Script Supervisor
Revolution Films | Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Produced by Andrew Eaton | Featuring Rachel Weisz 
Polygram | Directed by Bob Bierman
Featuring Richard E. Grant & Helena Bonham Carter
Produced by Peter Shaw
WILDE Script Supervisor
Samuelson Prods | Directed by Brian Gilbert
Featuring Stephen Fry & Vanessa Redgrave
Produced by Marc & Peter Samuelson
BENT Script Supervisor
BFI & Channel 4 | Directed by Shaun Mathias
Featuring Ian McKellen, Clive Owen & Mick Jagger
Produced by Mike Solinger & Dixie Linder
THE WOODLANDERS Script Supervisor
Miramax | Directed by Phil Agland 
Featuring Rufus Sewell, Polly Walker & Emily Woof
THE HOLLOW REED Script Supervisor
Scala Films | Directed by Angela Pope
Featuring Joely Richardson & Martin Donovan
Produced by Liz Karlson
MADAGASCAR SKIN Script Supervisor
BFI & Dan Films | Directed by Chris Newby
Featuring John Hannah & Bernard Hill
Produced by Julie Baines


DANCING ON THE EDGE Script Supervisor
Ruby Films | Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Featuring Chewitel Ejifor, Matthew Goode & Jaqueline Bisset
Produced by Nicky Kentish-Barnes 
THE NEW PIECE Script Supervisor
Directed by Stephen Poliakoff | Featuring Ruth Wilson
CAPTURING MARY Script Supervisor
HBO & BBC | Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Produced by Deb Jones
JOE'S PALACE Script Supervisor
HBO & BBC | Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Featuring Michael Gambon, Kelly Reilly & Danny Lee Winter
Produced by Deb Jones 
THE QUEEN'S SISTER Script Supervisor
Touchpaper TV | Directed by Simon Cellan Jones
Featuring Lucy Cohu & Toby Stephens 
Produced by Kath Mattock
BBC | Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Featuring Robert Lindsay & Damien Lewis
Produced by Nick Brown 
GIDEON'S DAUGHTER Script Supervisor
BBC America | Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Featuring Miranda Richardson & Bill Nighy 
Produced by Nick Brown
PETERLOO Script Supervisor
RDF Media | Directed by Justin Hardy
Produced by John Toba | Channel 4 Film
TRUST Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by John Strickland & Philipa Langdale
Produced by Jake Lushington
WAKING THE DEAD Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Ed Bennett
Featuring Trevor Eve & Susannah Harker
SECOND SIGHT Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Ed Bennett, Maurice Phillips & Jonas Grimas
Featuring Clive Owen, Michael Kitchen & Robert Vaughan
​Produced by Lars Macfarlane
Script Supervisor
HBO | Directed by Gillies McKinnon
Featuring Judi Dench & June Whitfield
Produced by Su Armstrong
LWT | Directed by Bob Bierman
Featuring Amanda Redman & Keeley Hawes 
Produced by Trevor Phillips
ROUGHNECKS Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Aisling Walsh & Sandy Johnson
Produced by Moira Williams & Charles Elton
Featuring James Cosmo & Liam Cunningham
MURDER IN MIND Script Supervisor
Company Unknown | Directed by Bob Bierman
Featuring Charlotte Rampling, Anna Massey & Trevor Eve
Produced by Lynn Horsford
GENGHIS COHN Script Supervisor
A&E TV Networks | Directed by Elijah Moshinsky
Featuring Robert Lindsay & Diana Rigg
Produced by Ruth Caleb
Script Supervisor
Blue Heaven Prods | Directed by John Corrie
Featuring George Baker, Diane Keen & Chris Ravenscroft
Produced by Neil Zeiger 
TVS Television | Directed by Ian Toynton, John Corrie & Barrie Davies
Featuring Peter Bowles, John Mills & Michael Hordern
Produced by Tim Aspinall & Tony Virgo
HOUSE OF GLASS Script Supervisor
TVS Television | Directed by Herbie Wise
Produced by Graham Benson
BEJEWELLED Script Supervisor
Disney Television | Directed by Terry Marcel
Featuring Dennis Lawson & Frances de la Tour
Produced by John Price 


BEATS BY DRE  Script Supervisor | Independent Films
VODAFONE Script Supervisor | Independent Films
PEPSI  Script Supervisor | Smith & Jones Films
ESSELUNGA Script Supervisor | Directed by Chris Columbus
UNCLE BEN'S RICE Script Supervisor | Mustard
NINTENDO Script Supervisor | Kreme 
GUCCI  Script Supervisor | Spun Films 
L'OREAL Script Supervisor | Passion Raw
F&F Script Supervisor | Aardman
BRAUN ORAL B Script Supervisor | Company TBC 
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