Production Manager
Edward Rastelli - Lewis

Edward is an experienced Production Coordinator, with an excellent history of managing complicated shoots with large logistical challenges such as coordingating accomodation and travel movement; for crews of 350 people plus, over several loactions over a constant three week period; as well as ensuring  over 500 equity cast, stunt contracts & 1000 crew contracts were created, issued and sign prior to wrap for a project.

With a possitive personalilty and a can do attitude, Edward aims to create and manage a strong and high performing production teams on every job; which can deliver quick completion of any task efficiently, whilst keeping everybody motivated to perform to the best of their abilities. 


Edward has completed the training course on 'Safety Management in Film & TV Production' with 'Media Safety Ltd' in 2018.


HIS DARK MATERIALS  Production Manager 
Bad Wolf | Directed by Tom Hooper, Otto Bathurst & Dawn Shadforth 
Produced by Laurie Borg 
A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Production Supervisor 
Bad Wolf | Directed by JC Medina, Alice Troughton & Sarah Walker 
Produced by Dominic Barlow, Lachlan MacKinnon & Jane Tranter 
WILL Production Coordinator
TNT | Directed by Shekhar Kapur, Elliott Lester, Magnus Martens & Jonathan Teplitzky
Produced by Alison Owen, Craig Pearce & Andrew Wood
WILL POWER Production Coordinator
Zero Facility Films | Directed by Tim Limon
Produced by Chris Lane

Feature Films

SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ Pre-Production Coordinator 
Catalyst Global Media & Sony Pictures | Directed by Crispian Mills 
Produced by Charlotte Walls 
FANNY LYE DELIVER'D Production Coordinator
Fiery Flying Films Ltd | Directed by Thomas Clay
Produced by Zorana Piggott
US & THEM Production Staff
Into The Woods Ltd | Directed by Joe Martin
Produced by Danielle Clark
THE BLACK PRINCE Production Manager
MDS Ltd | Directed by Kavi Raz
Produced by Jasjeet Singh
ARTHUR & MERLIN Production Manager (Prep)
Myrrdin Ltd | Directed by Marco Van Belle
Produced by Rob Speranza
(A.K.A. Nadia)
Production Manager (UK Shoot)
One Eyed Dog Films & 2Teams Productions | Directed by Tova Ascher
Produced by Oleg Barr & Heim Mecklberg
Uprising Features Ltd | Directed by Simon Powell
Produced by Edward Rastelli-Lewis
THE WAR I KNEW Production Coordinator
IVFilms Productions | Directed by Ian Vernon
Produced by Ian Vernon
PIERCING BRIGHTNESS Production Coordinator
UBIK Production Ltd | Directed by Shezad Dawood
Produced by Kate Clarke

Music Videos

'Oh Women, Oh Man'
Production Coordinator
Sony & Tony Kaye Pictures Ltd | Directed by Tony Kaye
Produced by Tony Kaye & Dean Pearson
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