Script Supervisor
Edward Dorman
Script Supervisors

Edward Dorman is a digital Script Supervisor with over 5 years experience working alongside top industry talents! 


MASTERS OF THE AIR  Script Supervisor | Second unit   
Apple TV | Directed by Lee Morrison 
Produced by John Orloff 

HALO  Assistant Script Supervisor 
Showtime | Directed by Jonathan Liebesman 
Produced by Steven Spielberg 

THE ABC MURDERS  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit  
BBC | Directed by Alex Gabassi 
Produced by Farah Abushwesha

JERICHO  Assistant Script Supervisor 
ITV | Directed by David Moore 
Produced by Angie Daniell 

Feature Films

KNIVES OUT 2  Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit 
Netflix | Directed by Rian Johnson
Produced by Ram Bergman

ONE YEAR OFF  Script Supervisor   
MSR Media | Directed by Philippe Martinez 
Alan Latham 

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