Darrell Briggs |Production Sound Mixer

Darrell has been recording and mixing sound professionally for 29 years now, all over the globe experiencing many varied climates and working conditions. Working in Feature Films and TV Drama but with experience in a wide range of areas of the film and television industry; Documentary/factual, promos, commercials and corporate.

Darrell is a full member of the association of motion picture sound AMPS.

The diversity of the work undertaken in the past 29 years has enabled him to work quickly and efficiently, in often difficult conditions and environments, without compromising on quality.

Feature Films

AFGHAN DREAMERS Production Sound Mixer
Parallax & Dune Films | Directed by Bill Guttentag
Produced by Samudrika Arora & Ben Rimmer

PRESENCE OF LOVE Production Sound Mixer
Hallmark Channel | Directed by Maclain Nelson
Produced by Mark Vennis

LAST TRAIN TO CHRISTMAS Production Sound Mixer
Future Artists Entertainment / Stigma Films for Sky Cinema | Directed by Julian Kemp
Produced by Matthew James Wilkinson & Matt Williams

THE SON Production Sound Mixer | Dailies
Neddy Dean Productions | Directed by Florian Zeller
Produced by Iain Canning, Joanna Laurie, Emile Sherman, Christophe Spadone & Florian Zeller

THE GALLERY Production Sound Mixer
Aviary Films | Directed by Paul Raschid
Produced by Neville Raschid

ME, MYSELF & DI Production Sound Mixer
Three Wise Monkeys / Samantha Lloyd Productions | Directed by Chris Green
Produced by Sacha Bennett & Samantha Lloyd

OPEN Production Sound Mixer
ExplosEve Films | Directed by Jack Eve
Produced by Chris Kerr

THE COMPLEX  Production Sound Mixer
Kindar Productions | Directed by Paul Raschid
Produced by John Giwa-Amu & Jade Alexander

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Production Sound Mixer | Splinter Unit 
Warner Bros | Directed by Patty Jenkins
Produced by Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder & Richard Suckle

THE PROTECTOR  Production Sound Mixer
Passionflix | Directed by Tosca Musk 
Produced by Andrew Prendergast 

COME AWAY  Production Sound Mixer | 2nd Unit 
Endurance Media | Directed by Brenda Chapman
Produced by Angelina Jolie, Leesa Kahn, Andrea Keir, David Oyelowo & James Spring

RUNNING NAKED  Production Sound Mixer
NOW Films | Directed by Victor Buhler
Produced by Victor Buhler, Michael Knowles, Andy Paton

THE HEAD HUNTER  Production Sound Mixer
October Films | Directed by Tom Keeling
Produced by Steve Murphy & Matt Robins

THE CHAMELEON  Production Sound Mixer
October Films | Directed by Jim Greayer
Produced by Steve Murphy

ANGEL OF DECAY  Production Sound Mixer
October Films | Directed by Jamie Crawford
Produced by Steve Murphy

REKINDLE  Production Sound Mixer
Original Feature Co | Directed by Marios Hamboulides
Produced by Marios Hamboulides & Darren Litten


Production Sound Mixer
October Film Studios / MBC Dubai | Directed by Ashley Pearce
Produced by Stuart Jones & Steve Murphy

Season 3
Production Sound Mixer | 2nd Unit
Shondaland / Netflix

Season 3
Production Sound Mixer | 2nd Unit
Apple TV+ 

Season 3
Production Sound Mixer | Additional Photography
BBC Studios / Apple TV | Directed by Jim O'Hanlon & Elliott Hegarty
Season 2 | Eps 1-4
Production Sound Mixer | 2nd Unit
Household Pictures for Netflix | Directed by Sharon Mansfield

Season 2 | 12 Episodes
Production Sound Mixer | 2nd Unit
Shoe Bucket / Warner Bros. for Apple TV | Directed by MJ Delaney & Matt Lipsey

Series 1 | 6 Episodes
Production Sound Mixer
Buccaneer Media | Directed by David Caffrey, Jon Jones & Chanya Button
Produced by Guy Hescott & Nadia Jaynes

Season 2
Production Sound Mixer | Dailies
Wall Street for Netflix | Directed by William Stefan Smith, Koby Adom & Brady Hood

- Ep #1.4
- Ep #1.3
Production Sound Mixer | Dailies 
Shoe Bucket / Warner Bros. for Apple TV | Directed by Tom Marsham
Produced by Liza Katzer & Tina Pawlik

- Ep #1.4
Production Sound Mixer | Additonal Photography
New Pictures | Directed by Al Mackay
Produced by Joe Donaldson 

Episodes 1, 7, 8 & 10
Production Dound Mixer | 2nd Unit 
Netflix | Directed by Louis Leterrier
Produced by Ritamarie Peruggi

Season 23 | 7 Episodes
Season 22 | 6 Episodes
Production Sound Mixer
BBC | Directed by Stuart Jones & Paulette Randall
Produced by Vikki Tennant & Chris Clenshaw

Season 3 | 10 Episodes
Production Sound Mixer
Short Form Film Company | Directed by Joe Talbot & Julian Kemp
Produced by Sam Talbot, Anita Burgess & Anita Turner

Miniseries | 4 Episodes
Production Sound Mixer
Talos Films | Directed by Julian Kemp
Produced by Anthony Buzzetti & Adrian Murray

Season 1 | Eps 1 & 3-6
Production Sound Mixer
October Films | Directed by Jim Greayer, Ali Naushahi, Stuart Jones & Anastasia Simone
Produced by Steve Murphy, Matt Robins & Eugenie Vink

Season 4 | 6 Episodes
Season 3 | 10 Episodes 

Production Sound Mixer
October Films | Directed by Alex Emslie, Thomas Latter, Elliot Goldner & Steve Murphy 
Produced by Hereward Pelling 

Season 2 | 6 Episodes
Season 1 | 6 Episodes

Production Sound Mixer
October Films | Directed by Thomas Latter, Hereward Pelling, Ali Naushahi, Tom Keeling, Sam Miller & Jim Greayer 
Produced by Marguerite O'Callaghan

Short Films

Production Sound Mixer
Homespun Yarns | Directed by Steve Moss
Produced by Rami Pantoja
WOMEN'S TALES - BRIGITTE Production Sound Mixer
Somesuch | Directed by Lynne Ramsay
Production by Tom Gardner
ARTEFACT Production Sound Mixer
Conduit Films / Kode Media | Directed by David Barr
Produced by Alice White
FARSIDE  Production Sound Mixer
Council Child | Directed by Ash Morris
Produced by Sorcha Anglim
DOLL'S HOUSE Production Sound Mixer
Small s Productions | Directed by Jim Greayer 
Produced by Jim Greayer 
DEAFBLIND Production Sound Mixer
Ewan Bailey Films | Directed by Ewan Bailey
Produced by Ewan Bailey
PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT  Production Sound Mixer
Whitley-Leclerc Productions | Directed by Dominic Leclerc
Produced by Diane Whitley


Production Production Company Director
Haribo Germany  Quiet Storm The Queen
AXA Insurance  Reci.pe Michael O’Kelly
Visit Britain  Adjust Your Set The Queen
Heineken ‘The Party’  Smuggler Miles Jay
Ultimate Ears ‘Unleash The Power’ Wing London Eddie Sternberg
Jaguar ‘Show Your Edge’  Wing London Mike Tyler
I See Vimto In You  Quiet Storm Trevor Robinson
Britbox  Adjust Your Set Robin Geradts-Gill
Jaguar  Foxtrot Papa Jamie Crawford
Addidas/Stormzy       Artistry Carla Santana
Longines  Foxtrot Papa Jamie Crawford
Jaguar  FP Creative Jamie Crawford
Longines  FP Creative Jamie Crawford
Lloyds Bank  The Outfit   Southan Morris
DHL  Maverick Advertising Owen Rees
RBS  Key Fims Sophie Key
SCATS – Just Perfect  Pangaea TV Carl Shanahan
Pot Noodle  Draw Pictures Ben Unwin
Zoo Weekly  NMI NathanChurch/AlexHing
Impulse  MTV World Paul Wilkinson
Sky Sports  Sky Promos Wesley Forbes
Nickleodeon  Nickleodeon Paul Wilkinson
British Airways  BA Film & Video Various

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