Amanda Ross McDonald |Makeup & Hair Designer

After studying theatre, Amanda fell into the film industry at the age of 20.  After apprenticing in several designations on a local drama, Amanda settled into hair and make up.
 Amanda loves working through a script, working with the director and the actor to find the right look for a character. Amanda thrives on running a team, and keeping her make up ship running harmoniously as well as in a very organized manner.

Feature Films

One Piece
Hair & Make-up Designer
Tomorrow Studios | Directed by Marc Jobst, Tim Southam, Josef Wladyka & Emma Sullivan
Produced by Chris Symes, Steven Maeda & Matt Owens
Slumber Party Massacre Make-up Department Head
Blue Ice Africa | Directed by Danishka Esterhazy
Produced by Adam Friedlander, Samantha Levine & Tebogo Maila 
Sulphur and White  Make-up and Hair Designer
AMG International Film | Directed by Julian Jarrold 
Produced by Marcelle du Toit, Michael Elliott, Alan Govinden & Donna Mabey
The Last Face  Crowd Supervisor 
River Road Entertainment | Directed by Sean Penn
Produced by Bill Gerver, Matt Palmieri & Bill Pohlad
Seal Team Eight  Key Hair 
Film Afrika Worldwide | Directed by Roel Reiné
Produced by Mark Kilian
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom  Daily Make-up Artist
Videovision Entertainment | Directed by Justin Chadwick
Produced by Anant Singh & David M. Thompson
Death Race 3: Inferno Key Make-up Artist
Capital Arts Entertainment | Directed by Roel Reiné
Produced by Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt & Mike Elliott
Jozi Make-up Designer 
Videovision Entertainment | Directed by Craig Freimond
Produced by Anant Singh, Helena Spring & Robbie Thorpe
Escaping Tel Aviv Make-up Department Head
al-Nasr - Oscar - al-Masah | Directed by Sharif Arafah
Produced by Amin El Masri
Prey  Hair & Make-up Artist
Anant Singh Production | Directed by Darrell Roodt
Produced by Anant Singh & Helena Spring 
Blood Diamond  Make-up Assistant 
Warner Bros. | Directed by Edward Zwick
Produced by Gillian Gorfil, Marshall Herskovitz, Graham King, Paula Weinstein & Edward Zwick
Man To Man  Assistant Make-up Artist
Vertigo | Directed by Régis Wargnier
Produced by Farid Lauhouassa
Flight of the Pheonix  Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist
Twentieth Century Fox | Directed by John Moore 
Produced by William Aldrich, Alex Blum, John Davis & Wyck Godfrey
Drum Assistant Make-up Artist 
Armda Pictures | Directed by Zola Maseko
Producedby Dumisani Dlamini, Zachary Matz, Matt Milich, Chris Sievernich & Rudolf Wichmann
P.S. Additional Make-up Artist
Hart Sharp Entertainment | Directed by Dylan Kidd
Produced by Anne Chaisson, John Hart, Robert Kessel & Jeffrey Sharp 
Oh Schuks ... I'm Gatvol! Additional Make-up Artist
Ster-Kinekir Home Entertainment | Directed by Willie Esterhuizen & Leon Schuster
Produced by André Scholtz & Leon Schuster
Mafia  Make-up Artist
Adl Group | Directed by Sharif Arafah
Produced by Gavin Sweeney
Slash Make-up Artist
New Africa Media Films | Directed by Neal Sundstrom
Produced by Amy J. Moore & Paul Raleigh
Witness to a Kill  Assistant Make-up Artist
Danforth Studios | Directed by Darrell Roodt
Produced by Marlow De Mardt, Barry Filby, David Goldstein & Brigid Olen
Mr. Bones  Assistant Make-up Artist
Distant Horizon | Directed by Gray Hofmeyr 
Produced by Anant Singh & Helena Spring
Queen's Messenger  Hair & Make-up Artist
Boyana Film | Directed by Mark Roper 
Produced by Harry Alan Towers
Bravo Two Zero Assistant Make-up Artist
BBC | Directed by Tom Clegg 
Produced by Ruth Caleb, Paul Janssen & Anant Singh 
Panic Mechanic Assistant Make-up Artist
Toron/Comedy Store Productions | Directed by David Lister 
Produced by André Scholtz


Abraham Lincoln 
'Saving the Union'
'President at war' 
'The Railsplitter'
Make-up Designer
RadicalMedia | Directed by Malcolm Venville
Produced by Patrick Altema, Mary Abramson, Meredith Bennett & Nevena Bentler

The Watch 
Season 1
Hair & Make-up Designer 
BBC Studios | Directed by Brian Kelly, Emma Sullivan & Craig Viveiros 
Produced by Simon Allen, Ben Donald, Johann Knobel & Steffan Morris
Season 1 & 2 
Hair & Make-up Designer
Bruce Lee Entertainment | Directed by Lin Oeding, Assaf Bernstein, Loni Peristere & David Petrarca
Produced by Richard Sharkey, Brad Kane, Chris Arruda & Stephanie Abram
Season 2 
Hair & Make-up Artist 
A+E Studios | Directed by David Wellington, Roel Reiné, Samira Radsi & Rick Jacobson
Produced by Aaron Helbing, Rick Jacobson, Ethan Reiff & Russell Rothberg

'Eye of the Storm'
'The bakra'
'Heaven and Earth'
'The Doldrums'
Hair and Make-up Supervisor
Tall ship Productions | Directed by Matthew B. Roberts, Charlotte Brändström & David Moore 
Produced by David Brown

Origins: The Journey of Humankind 
Make-up Supervisor
Asylum Entertainment | Directed by Celso R. Garcia, Simon George & Niall MacCormick
Produced by Rob Cohen, Alex Corven, Theuns De Wet & Christine Roth
Black Sails 
Seasons 1-3
Make-up Supervisor (10 Episodes) Assistant Make-up Artist (7 Episodes) Make-up and Hair (5 Episodes) Key Make-up Artist (3 Episodes)
Film Afrika Worldwide | Directed by Stefan Schwartz, Steve Boyum, Ali Sakharov & Lukas Ettlin
Produced by Michaek Angeli, Doris Egan, Vlokkie Gordan & Michael Bay
Of Kings and Prophets 
'Lest I Sleep the Sleep of Death'
'Let the Wicked Be Ashamed'
'Offerings of Blood' 
Assistant Designer 
Directed by Michael Robison, Duane Clark & Michael Offer
Produced by Vlokkie Gordon,Tina Grewal & Paul Eckstein
Indian Summers 
Episodes 1.1-1.10
Crowd Hair and Make-up (8 Episodes) Make-up Artist (1 Episode)
New Pictures | Directed by Anand Tucker, David Moore, Jamie Payne & Paul Wilmshurst
Produced by Dan McCulloch, Christine Healy, Simon Curtis & Rebecca Eaton
Dominion Key Hair & Make-up
Bold Films | Directed by Alex Holmes, Rick Jacobson, Larry Shaw & Allan Kroeker
Produced by Randi Richmond, Cheryl Eatock, David Lancaster & Michel Litvak
Episodes 1.1-1.6
Make-up Designer
EFO Films | Directed by Gary Capo, Gregory J. Bonann & Phil Scarpaci 
Produced by Dave Keffer, Mark Stuart, Frances J. Conway & Peter A. Hoffman 
'A Caribbean Mystery' 
Make-up Artist
ITV Studios | Directed by Charlie Palmer 
Produced by Peter McAleese
Bluestone 42
Episodes 1.7 & 1.8
Assistant Make-up Artist 
BBC | Directed by Iain B. MacDonald
Produced by Michelle Farr-Scott
The Great British Story: A People's History
'The Norman Yoke'
'Tribes to Nations'
Key Make-up Artist
Maya Vision International | Directed by Nick Green 
Produced by Sally Thomas
The Wild 
Episode 1.37
Make-up Department Head
Electronic Media Network | Directed by Johnny Barbuzano, Krijay Govender & Alex Yazbek
Produced by Bronwyn Berry & Richard Harry Nosworthy
The Runaway Make-up Artist
Company Pictures | Directed by David Richards
Produced by Nick Goding
Kidnap and Ransom
Episodes 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3
Make-up Artist 
Projector Pictures | Directed by Andy Wilson
Produced by Trevor Hopkins 
Strike Back
Season 1 
Make-up Artist
Left Bank Pictures | Directed by Edward Hill & Daniel Percival 
Andrew Benson & Lance Samuels
Blood and Oil Make-up Artist 
Film Afrika Worldwide | Directed by David Attwood
Produced by Mat Chaplin & Susie Liggat
Episodes 1-11 
Key Make-up Artist (9 Episodes) Make-up Artist (2 Episodes)
Power | Directed by Michael Robison, ALex Chapple, Helen Shaver & Duane Clarke
Produced by Jean Bureau, Stephen Greenberg, Chris Philip & Ewa Radwanska
Life is Wild 
Episodes 1-13
Hair & Make-up Artist
CBS Paramount Network | Directed by Brian Grant, Ed Fraiman, James Steven Sadwith & Bryan Gordon
Produced by Adam Friedlander, Bob Christianson, Kelly Adams & Kamille Rudisill
Make-up Designer 
Endermol South Africa | Directed by Gray Hofmeyr
ProducedbyGrayHofmeyr & Justin Strydom
Endloser Horizont Assistant Make-up Artist 
Studio Hamburg Serienwerft | Directed by Thomas Jauch 
Produced by Claudia Schröder

Hair Stylist
Southern Exposure | Directed by Hélène Truter
Produced by Margaret Goldsmid & Peter Goldsmid
Dr Lucille: The Lucille Teasdale Story  Assistant Make-up Artist
Motion International | Directed by Geoge Mihalka 
Produced by Claude Bonin & Kobus Botha
Born Free: A New Adventure  Assistant Make-up Artist
Franklin/Waterman Produtions | Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Produced by Lorin Bennett Salob

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