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For those of you who are new to the industry and looking to work your way up the ladder, we have
created a Facebook page whereby we post various jobs for expenses only and low budget productions.
This has proven to be very successful and is a great way to make new contacts and gain further experience. 

1) ‘Gems’ is an Agency and as a result of any introduction made by us your fee will be subject to 10% commission.

2) ‘Gems’ will act as your ‘Agent’ and endeavour to negotiate your rate.

3) ‘Gems’ will invoice the production company on your behalf (unless your grade is PAYE, in which case you will be invoiced separately for the commission.)

4) The balance can either be transferred directly into your bank account or alternatively, we can send you a cheque – whichever you prefer.

5) VAT has to be added to any commission as we are a VAT registered company.

6) We only charge commission on work that has been sourced and/or secured as a result of an introduction made by ‘Gems’.

7) We will not charge commission for any equipment/kit hire or travel expenses.

8) Those listed on the website (www.gems-agency.co.uk) have a different arrangement with us as and are considered ‘members’ of ‘Gems’ as they are paying subscribers. Please do not be mistaken with this opportunity by automatically considering yourself a member of ‘Gems’.

9) By requesting that we forward your application / CV to our client, we are therefore acting as the ‘Agent’ and subsequently it is deemed that you have accepted our Terms & Conditions.




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