Script Supervisor
Vicky Gegenbauer

Victoria is Bilingual in English and German and has experience working in the UK, Europe, and abroad (Kurdistan). She has a keen eye, a good understanding of film language, and excellent people skills.

Familiar with both UK and US slating systems.

Feature Films

ANNIHILATION  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit Dailies 
DNA Films | Directed by Various 
Produced by E. Bush, A. Macdonald, A. Reich & S. Rudin 
OLD BOYS  Script Supervisor
Momac Films | Directed by Toby MacDonald
Produced by Luke Morris
LET ME GO Script Supervisor
Intrust Films | Directed by Polly Steele
Produced by David Broder, Lizzie, Pickering, Polly Steele
Featuring Lucy Boynton, Stanley Weber, Jodhi May 
Tea Shop & Film Company | Directed by Johannes Roberts 
Produced by James Harris & Mark Lane
STONES Series Script Supervisor
Donroy Productions | Directed by Roydon Turner
Produced by Don Macnab-Stark
DRAW ON SWEET NIGHT Script Supervisor
Capriol Films | Directed by Tony Britten
Produced by Katja Mordaunt
Myrrdin Ltd | Directed by Marco van Belle
Produced by Rob Speranza
WOMAN IN GOLD Script Supervisor: 2nd Unit
Origins Pictures and BBC Films | Directed by Simon Curtis
Produced by David M. Thompson, Kris Thykier, and Peter Heslop
PLEASURE ISLAND Script Supervisor
Achilles Entertainment | Directed by Mike Doxford
Produced by Rebecca Joerin-Sharp, Ian Sharp, Mike Doxford
& Matt Kennard
WHO NEEDS ENEMIES Script Supervisor
Red Guerilla Films | Directed by Peter Stylinaou
Produced by Tony Currier
HERBST Script Supervisor
FH Salzburg | Directed by Patrick Guendera & Florian Eidenhammer
Produced by Franziska Goller


LEE AND DEAN II  Script Supervisor 
Bingo Productions | Directed by Mark O'Sullivan 
Produced by Martyn Jolly & Tom Miller 
THE ROOK  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Starz! | Directed by China Moo-Young 
Produced by Steve Clark-Hall 
BODYGUARD  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
World Productions | Directed by John Strickland 
Produced by Eric Coulter 
Series 1 & 2 
Script Supervisor 
Dancing Ledge | Directed by Vadim Jean 
Produced by Alex Walsh-Taylor 
Script Supervisor 
Happy Tramp North | Directed by Ben Palmer 
Produced by Ali Marlow 
Noho FIlm & Television | Directed by Adam Miller 
Produced by Imogen Cooper 
Series 3
Script Supervisor | Block 2
Sid Gentle Films | Directed by Niall MacCormick 
Produced by Chris Hall
GAMEFACE Script Supervisor
Objective Productions | Directed by Andrew Chaplin
Produced by Charlotte Lewis
WITLESS Script Supervisor
Objective Productions | Directed by Andrew Chaplin
Produced by Charlotte Lewis
Series 3
Script Supervisor
Kudos | Directed by Daniel Nettman
Produced by Chris Chibnall, Jane Featherstone & Dan Winch
Featuring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Sarah Parish & Charlie Higson
POWER MONKEY Script Supervisor
Hat Tricks | Directed by Andy Hamilton, Neil Pearson
Produced by Debbie Pisani
Featuring Gwyneth Keyworth, Kevin McNally, Andy Nyman & Archie Panjabi 
DOCTOR THORNE Script Supervisor
Hat Trick Productions | Directed by Niall MacCormick
Produced by Helen Gregory
A BOY'S GUIDE Script Supervisor
BBC Current Affairs | Directed by Ben Anthony
Produced by John O'Kane
Series 5
Script Supervisor | Dailies
Tiger Aspect | Directed by Ian Barnes
Produced by Serena Cullen

Short Films

PULSAR  Script Supervisor
Reel Issues Films | Directed by Aurora Fearnley
Produced by Jackie Shepard
French Fancy Productions | Directed by Tara Fitzgerald
Produced by Georgina French
I AM SAMI Script Supervisor
Footprint Films | Directed by Kae Bahar
Produced by Mark Blaney and Jackie Sheppard
THE LIGHT Script Supervisor
Reel Issues Films | Directed by Simon James Cookson
Produced by Jackie Sheppard
GRASS ROOTS (PILOT) Script Supervisor
Artists in Motion | Directed by Matt Connally, Luke Flanagan
Produced by Keith Rooney and Mark Wild
KITTIWAKES Script Supervisor
Directed by Iain Mitchell
Produced by Rob Speranza
COMPASSION Script Supervisor
Directed by Roberto Oliveri
Produced by James O’Donnell
THE PUGILIST’S SON Script Supervisor
Inspiration Film | Directed by Chris Fretwell
Produced by Mark Peters
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