Production Designer
Stephen Keogh
Art Director

Steve has worked as Production Designer for many years and on many TV dramas.
Between these jobs he works as an Art Director;
these are not listed on his CV so please call for more details


CASUALTY Head of Department from April 2010
BBC | Exec Producer Belinda Campbell
Series Producer Oliver Kent
MISSING (Series 2) Production Designer
BBC |  Executive Producers Gerard Melling,
Joey Attawia & James Burstall | Produced by Julie Press
Production Designer
CBBC | Directed by Jonathan Gershfield
Produced by Paul McKenzie
MISSING (Series 1) Production Designer
BBC | Exec Producers Gerard Melling, James Burstall
& Joey Attawia | Produced by Julie Press
BBC | Produced by Robin Kemp & Vicky Matthews
In-house exhibition for BBC
HOLBY BLUE (Series 2) Production Designer
BBC | Exec Producers Tony Jordan & Karen Wilson
Produced by Claire Phillips | Twelve episodes
ANGELOS Production Designer
Channel 5 | Produced by Sharon Horgan
& Damian Beesley | Six part comedy drama
HOLBY BLUE (Series 1) Production Designer
BBC | Exec Producers Tony Jordan & Karen Wilson
Produced by Claire Phillips | Eight episodes
EASTENDERS Head of Department 2000 - 2005
BBC | Exec Producers Louise Berridge,
John Yorke & Kathleen Hutchinson
DAYLIGHT ROBBERY Production Designer
LWT | Executive Producer Jane Hewland
Produced by Cameron McAllister | Four part drama
LONDON BRIDGE Head of Art Department
Calton TV | Exec Producer Sharon Bloom
Produced by Jonathan Curling
ROUGH JUSTICE Production Designer
M25 Murder & Torso in the Thames for BBC
Produced by Dinah Lord
MADSON Production Designer
BBC | Executive Producer Ian McShane
Produced by Colin Schindler | Six part drama
ELLINGTON Production Designer
Yorkshire TV | Produced by Emma Haytor | Drama pilot
Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Chris Parr | Four part drama
LOVEJOY (Various Series) Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Emma Haytor & Jo Wright
A BIT OF FRY & LAURIE Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Nick Symmonds
LORD PETER WHIMSEY Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Michael Chapman
Period studio / location drama series
ALBERT CAMPION Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Jonathon Alwyn
Period detective series
ONCE IN A LIFETIME Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Shaun Sutton
Period studio comedy drama
TOMS MIDNIGHT GARDEN Production Designer
BBC | Produced by Paul Stone
Period children's drama
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