Make-Up & Hair Designer
Sjaan Gillings
Make-Up & Hair, Make-Up & Hair Artist
You can rely on Sjaan to bring characters to life.
She is a creative and hard-working Make-Up & Hair Designer and has terrific all round skills.
Whether she heads-up a department, supervises or works busy crowd rooms doing period
or contemporary wigs, pastiche's, hair styles, make-up or making one of her own silicone
injuries through her own company; 'Creative Skins FX' which sells through
PAMS & Guru, she is an asset to any team. 


MAIGRET 2 Make-Up Designer
"Night At The Crossroads" Directed by Sarah Harding
"Maigret in Monmartre" Directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Produced by Jeremy Gwilt & Suzanne McAuley
Featuring Rowan Atkinson
HETTY FEATHER Make-Up Designer
BBC | Directed by Chloe Thomas, Delyth Thomas
Produced by Alison Davis, David Collier & Alison Mathews
FLOWERS (Pilot) Make-Up & Hair Designer
Kudos Film & TV for Ch4 | Directed by Will Sharpe 
Produced by Chris Naomi De Pear & Emma Kingsman-Lloyd 
(Series 2)
Make-Up & Hair Designer 
Hat Trick Productions | Directed by Ben Gosling Fuller
Line Producer Mark Kinsella | Produced by Angela Sinden
Featuring Anthony Head, Eve Myles & Honour Blackman
OUR GIRL Make-Up & Hair Designer
BBC | Directed by Anthony Philipson & Richard Senior
Line Producer Menzies Kennedy | Produced by Ken Horn
Featuring Lacey Turner 
(Series 1) 
Make-Up & Hair Designer
Hat Trick Productions | Directed by Simon Hynd
Line Producer Mark Kinsella | Produced by Angela Sinden
Featuring Anthony Head, Eve Myles & Lindsay Duncan
CITIZEN KHAN Make-Up & Hair Designer
BBC1 | Directed by Nick Wood 
Executive Producer Mark Freeland 
Make-Up & Hair Designer
BBC & Baby Cow Productions | Directed by Ben Wheatley
Featuring Jonny Vegas
Make-Up & Hair Designer
Channel K | Directed by Matt Bloom
Featuring Peter Slater | Comedy Sketch
LAUGHTER MY ARSE Make-Up & Hair Designer
Acier Productions | Directed by Sarah Smith
Featuring Ricky Tomlinson | Live Comedy
SKINS REDUX Make-Up & Hair Supervisor
Company Pictures | Directed by Charles Martin
Featuring Kayvan Novak & Kaya Scodelario
Designer Lesley Faulkner
DCI BANKS Make-Up & Hair Supervisor
Left Bank Pictures | Directed by Tim Fywell & Jim Loach
Featuring Stephen Tomkinson
(Series 1: Eps 1-6)
Make-Up & Hair Supervisor
Hat Trick & BBC | Make-Up Designer Nic Collins
Featuring Geoffrey Whitehead & Sir David Jason
Directed by Mark Bussell & Justin Sbresni
(Series 1: Eps 1-13)
Make-Up & Hair Supervisor
Kindle Ent. & BBC | Directed by Beryl Richards
Featuring Alastair McGowan, Jonathan Bailey
& Colin Ryan | Make-Up Designer Leon Von Solm
DOWNTON ABBEY Crowd Make-Up & Hair Artist
Carnival Film & TV | Directed by Michael Engler & Philip John
Produced by Chris Croucher & Julian Fellows
GAME OF THRONES Crowd Hair Stylist
HBO | Directed by Daniel Minahan
Hair Designer Kevin Alexander

Feature Films

Make-Up & Hair Designer
Vertigo Films | Directed by Nick Moore 
Produced by Marshall Leviten | Line Producer Bianca Gavin
Featuring Jessica Hynes & John Sessions 
FATED Make-Up & Hair Designer
Ace Films | Directed by Lesley Manning
Featuring Lee Boardman, Kate Robins,
Michael Angelos & Craig Charles
LIFE TRANSLATED Make-Up & Hair Designer
Visionary Films & ImaginAsia | Directed by Kiefer Lui
Featuring Edison Chan, Jennifer Li, Cary Woodworth & Naomi Gibson
LONE CLOUD Make-Up & Hair Designer
Fat Herdsman Pictures | Directed by Mark Hamilton
Featuring Brad Shaw & Christopher Patrick Nolan
THE STICK UP Make-Up & Hair Designer
Mermaid Productions | Directed by Dom Rotheroe
Featuring John Lightbody, Selina Boyack & Bill Bailey
MY SKY IS BIG Make-Up & Hair Designer
Capataz Films & The End | Directed by Lisa Goldman
Featuring Jessica Cully, Leni Harper & Gordon Winter
STIGMA Make-Up & Hair Designer
Maverick Motions | Directed by Andre Semenza
Featuring Nicholas Monu & Ian Shaw
HICCUP Make-Up & Hair Designer
Small Wonders | Directed by Phil Traille
Featuring Celia Imrie & James D'Arcy
THE DEVIL'S HARVEST Make-Up & Hair Artist | Dailies
Devil's Harvest Production | Directed by George Mendeluk
Additional Photographer Designer Christine Allsopp
Produced by Tamer Hassan, Chad Barager & Jaye Gazeley
Co-Produced by Camilla Storey | Line Producer Marshall Leviten
THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING Crowd Make-Up & Hair Artist
Focus Features | Directed by James Marsh
Produced by Tim Bevan & Eric Fellner
DHOOM 2 Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Artist
Yash Jaharef Production | Directed by Sanjay Gadhvi 
Featuring Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai
Make-Up Designer Mike Stringer
Academy Award Winner for Best Make-Up


MINISTRY OF SOUND Make-Up & Hair Designer
HYBRID Make-Up & Hair Designer
PARTY IN THE PARK Make-Up & Hair Designer
NATIONWIDE Make-Up & Hair Designer
SHELTER Make-Up & Hair Designer
DAZ Make-Up & Hair Designer
BEER Make-Up & Hair Designer
CORONATION STREET Make-Up & Hair Designer
MISSION HILLS Make-Up & Hair Designer
CHERRY VALLEY Make-Up & Hair Designer
CHEERIOS Make-Up & Hair Designer
STIMEROL CHEWING GUM Make-Up & Hair Designer
COMET Make-Up & Hair Designer
LV INSURANCE  Make-Up & Hair Designer
NATURAL VALLEY Make-Up & Hair Designer
Make-Up & Hair Designer


'Club Class'
Make-Up & Hair Designer
'Executive Club'
Make-Up & Hair Designer
'The Information Game'
Make-Up & Hair Designer
PRIDE 7 Make-Up & Hair Designer
MARITZ 25TH ANNIVERSARY Make-Up & Hair Designer

Music Videos

KAREN DAVID 'Hypnotise' Make-Up & Hair Designer
SHAFT 'Macho Mambo (Sway)' Make-Up & Hair Designer
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