Script Supervisor
Shaida Kazemi

Shaida has a varied background and more specifically teaching /HOD of Film, Media and English as a University in Paris ensured that she learnt to effectively manage multiple people and projects at one time. Shaida has since incorporated and developed these skills into her profession as a Script Supervisor across features, shorts, series', commercials and online content, where she prides herself on her strong communication skills, likeability and ability to work well individually and as part of a team. 

Creativity has always influded her and she started writing music and performing as a musician/singer in groups from a young age in various bands, choirs and orchestras. This has proceeded into writing stories and more recently, Shaida has developed a few screenplays, one of which is currently being made into a short film. 

Through her experience on set, as well as in her studies, music groups and facilitating roles, Shaida has developed exceptional observational skills, meticulous and methodical attention to detail, with a professional attitude and creative outlook and most vitally I adapt to new tasks calmly, quickly and efficiently. 

Her Iranian heritage set against her British upbringing in a small town in Sussex has instilled a keen interest in travel, culture, language and diversity. 


BBC 3 Series
Script Supervisor
CPL Productions | Directed by Nida Monzoor
Produced by Charlie Coombes & Arabella McGuigan
Series 3 
Script Supervisor 
Nevision Studios / Jellyfish Pictures / Zodiak Kids | Directed by Tobias Fouracre 
Produced by Lizzie Barnes-Smith 
Series 2 
Script Supervisor 
Vertigo Films / Neal Street Productions for Amazon Video | Directed by Luke Watson 
Produced by Rupert Ryle Hodges & Georgia Hume 
Shared Block 1 with Andrea Hamford, provided cover on Block 2 for Ana Garrido 
Series 4 
Script Supervisor 
Avalon Motion Pictures Ltd | Directed by Jim O'Hanlon 
Produced by Rob Delaney, Sharon Horgan & Sam McCole 
Provided cover for Emma Thomas 
PRESS  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Off Stone Productions for BBC | Directed by Tom Vaughan & Nimer Rashed 
Produced by Imogen Gay & Paul Gilbert 
Main Unit Script Supervisor: Jane Jackson 

Feature Films

BREXIT  Script Supervisor 
House Productions | Directed by Toby Haynes 
Produced by Lynn Horsford & Bryony Chaplin 
Provided cover for Marinella Setti 
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY  Assistant Script Supervisor 
20th Century Fox | Directed by Bryan Singer & Dexter Fletcher 
Produced by Graham King & Jennifer Wynne 
Main Unit Script Supervisor: Rowena Ladbury 
THE YOUNG CANNIBALS  Script Supervisor 
Bad Taste Pictures | Directed by Kris Karr & Sam Fowler 
Produced by Charlie Pride 
THE ACCIDENTAL SPY  Script Supervisor 
2hotfilms | Directed by Roger Russel 
Produced by Nicola Gregory 

Short Films

THE DEAD ROOM  Script Supervisor 
Can Do Productions Ltd for BBC4 | Directed by Mark Gatiss 
Produced by Isibeal Ballance 
OF THREAD AND ALMONDS  Script Supervisor 
Fresh Light Ltd | Directed by Rebecca Manley 
Produced by Sonya Sier 
PRICE OF LIFE  Script Supervisor 
Confused Logic Productions | Directed by B. Welby Delimere 
Produced by Holly Carrington 
JERK  Script Supervisor 
Somesuch & Co | Directed by Raine Allen-Miller 
Produced by Maddy Perkins 
LANDS END  Script Supervisor 
Bluebird Productions | Directed by Ben Strebel 
Produced by Alexandra Blue 
FORGIVE ME FATHER  Script Supervisor 
Directed by Doreen Nisimbwa  
Produced by Tom Thurgood 
2hotfilms | Directed by Candice Onyeama 
Produced by Nicola Gregory 
THE LIFT  Script Supervisor 
Draper Film Academy | Directed by Luisa Pretolani 
Produced by Luisa Pretolani & Iris Cohen 

Other Credits

Web Series 
Script Supervisor 
Lollipop Productionz | Directed & Produced by Laurelle Jones 
Web Series 
Script Supervisor 
Jackdaw Productions | Directed by Campbell X 
Produced by Felicity Milton & Jacquie Lawrence 


Innovate UK ProDip 
Script Supervisor 
Framestore Productions | Directed by Tim Webber 
Produced by Noah Enhus & Emilia Fiell 
AIR ANGELS  Script Supervisor 
Genesis Child Productions | Directed by Ntando Brown 
Produced by Candice Onyeama 
Script Supervisor 
Stink / Collider Productions | Directed by Ben Briand 
Produced by Alicia Farren | Featuring Gal Gadot 
Daas For Apple 
Script Supervisor 
Flare Productions | Directed by Joe Shaw 
Produced by Alex Olivares 
Any Excuse 
Script Supervisor 
The Bare Film Company | Directed by Chris Goulder 
Produced by Jessica Turner 
Neighbourhood Of Good 
Script Supervisor 
Somesuch & Co | Directed by Aoife McArdle 
Produced by Debbie Ninnis 
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