Make-Up & Hair Designer
Paul Pattison
Make-Up & Hair, Personal Make-Up Artist

Member of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Paul also has a 01 visa for the USA

Nominated for: 'Outstanding ensamble for makeup artist and hair stylist' - Atomic Blonde

Feature Films

THE MEG Make-Up & Hair Designer
Warner Bros | Directed by Jon Turteltaub
Produced by Belle Avery, Lorenzo di Bonaventura & Colin Wilson
Featuring Ruby Rose & Jason Statham
ATOMIC BLONDE Make-Up & Hair Designer
87Eleven | Directed by David Leitch
Featuring Charlize Theron & James McAvoy
LION Make-Up & Hair Artist | Personal to Nicole Kidman
The Weinstein Company | Directed by Garth Davies
Produced by Iain Canning
Featuring Nicole Kidman
MECHANIC 2 Make-Up & Hair Head of Department &
Personal Make-Up Artist to Jason Statham
Millennium Films | Directed by Dennis Gansel 
Produced by William Chartoff, Frank DeMartini & David Winkler
Featuring Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones & Jason Statham 
FURIOUS 7  Personal Make-Up Artist to Jason Statham 
Universal Pictures | Directed by James Wan
Produced by Vin Diesel, Michael Fottrell & Neil H. Morritz
Featuring Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham & Vin Diesel
EXPENDABLES 3  Personal Make-Up Artist to Jason Statham 
Lionsgate & Millenium Films | Directed by Patrick Hughes
Produced by Avi Lerner, Danny Lerner, John Thompson & Les Weldon
Featuring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham,
Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas & Wesley Snipes  
STONEHEARST ASYLUM Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
Icon Productions | Directed by Brad Anderson
Produced by Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey & Cami Winikoff
Featuring Kate Beckinsale, Ben Kingsley, Jim Sturgess,
David Thewlis & Michael Caine
HUMMINGBIRD Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
& Personal Make-Up Artist to Jason Statham

IM Global | Directed by Steven Knight
Produced by Guy Heeley & Paul Webster
Featuring Benedict Wong & Jason Statham
MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Personal Make-Up Artist to Charlize Theron
Kennedy Miller Productions | Directed by George Miller
Produced by Doug Mitchell & P.J Voeten
Featuring Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult Rosie
Huntington-Whiteley & Charlize Theron
THE EXPENDABLES 2 Personal Make-Up Artist to Jason Statham
Millenium Films | Directed by Simon West
Produced by Basil Iwanyk, Avi Lerner, Danny Lerner
& Kevin King Templeton | Featuring Sylvester Stallone,
Bruce Willis, Liam Hemsworth & Jason Statham
PARKER Personal Make-Up Artist to Jason Statham
Current Entertainment | Directed by Taylor Hackford
Produced by Les Alexander, Steve Chasman & Sidney Kimmel
Featuring Jason Statham & Jennifer Lopez
Personal Make-Up & Hair Artist to Clive Owen
Attaboy Films for HBO | Directed by Philip Kaufman
Produced by James Gandolfini, Trish Hoffman & Peter Kaufman
Featuring Clive Owen & Nicole Kidman 
Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Make-Up
SINGULARITY Head of Department
Corsan | Directed by Roland Joffe
Produced by Paul Breuls & Catherine Vandeleene
Featuring Josh Hartnett
THE KILLER ELITE Head of Department & Personal to Robert De Niro
Ambience Entertainment | Directed by Gary McKendry
Produced by Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Steve Chasman & Tony Winley
Featuring Jason Statham, Clive Owen & Yvonne Strahovski
Head of Department
Ambience Entertainment | Directed by Stuart Beattie
Produced by Michael Boughen, Andrew Mason & David Whealy
Featuring Rachel Hurd-Wood, Caitlin Stasey & Lincoln Lewis
Shot in NSW, Australia
ACTION REPLAY Head of Department
Blockbuster Movie Entertainers
Directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah | Produced by Sanjay Bali
Featuring Neha Dhupia, Akshay Kumar & Aishwarya Rai
Shot in Mumbai, India
WAITING CITY Head of Department
H20 Motion Pictures | Directed by Claire McCarthy
Produced by Jamie Hilton | Featuring Radha Mitchell,
Joel Edgerton & Isobel Lucas | Shot in Kolkata, India
SOLOMON KANE Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Davis Films | Directed by Michael Basset
Produced by Samuel Hadida | Featuring Max Von Sydow,
Pete Postlethwaite & James Purefoy | Shot in Prague & London
DYING BREED Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Ambience Entertainment | Directed by Jody Dwyer
Produced by Michael Boughen | Shot in Melbourne & Tasmania
BLOOD & CHOCOLATE Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer | Directed by Katja Von Garnier
Produced by Wolfgang Esenwein, Richard Wright,
Gary Lucchesi, Hawk Koch & Tom Rosenberg
Featuring Hugh Dancy & Olivier Martinez | Shot in Budapest
SILENT HILL Head of Department inc Prosthetics
TriStar Pictures | Directed by Christophe Gans
Produced by Don Carmody & Samuel Hadida
Featuring Sean Bean & Radha Mitchell | Shot in Toronto
THE CAVE Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Screen Gems | Directed by Bruce Hunt
Produced by Andrew Mason, Gary Lucchesi & Lakeshore E'Ment
Featuring Cole Hauser & Morris Chesnut | Shot in Romania
ANACONDAS Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Screen Gems| Directed by Dwight Little
Produced by Verna Harrah | Featuring Jonny Messner
KaDee Strickland & Matthew Marsden | Shot in Fiji Islands
RED HEAD: LUCY BALL STORY Head of Department
CBS | Directed by Glen Jordan
Produced by Jacobus Rose | Featuring Rachel York,
Madeline Zima & Danny Pino | Shot in New Zealand
LOVES BROTHER Head of Department
AFFC | Directed by Jan Sardi | Produced by Sarah Radclyffe
Shot in Melbourne, Daylesford & Victoria
THE EXTREME TEAM Head of Department
Mandalay Television | Produced by Tim Bogart,
Bailey Pryor, Jacobus Rose & James Hearth
Shot in Queenstown & New Zealand
MONKEYS MASK Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Arenafilm | Directed by Sam Lang
Produced by Domenico Procacci, John Maynard & Robert Connelly
Featuring Kelly McGillis & Susie Porter | Shot in Australia
Paramount Pictures | Directed by John Woo
Produced by Tom Cruise, Michael Doven & Paula Wagner
Featuring Dougray Scott, Tom Cruise & Sir Anthony Hopkins
Shot in Australia & Los Angeles
AFFC | Directed by Chris Cudlipp
Produced by Jim McElroy | Featuring Bryan Brown
MR NICE GUY Head of Department
New Line Cinema | Directed by Samo Hung
Produced by Lam Chua | Featuring Jackie Chan
Shot in Australia
PRAISE Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Emcee Films | Directed by John Curran
Featuring Sasha Horler & Peter Fenton
Produced by Martha Coleman
THE WELL Head of Department
New South Wales Film & TV | Directed by Samantha Lang
Produced by Sandra Levy | Featuring Miranda Otto
Shot in Sydney, Australia
Oil Rag Productions | Directed by Chris Kennedy
Produced by John Winter | Featuring Miranda Otto,
Richard Roxborough & Matt Day | Shot in Sydney, Australia
DEAD HEART Head of Department
Fox Lorber | Directed by Nick Parsons
Produced by Bryan Brown & Helen Watts
Featuring Louis Fitzgerald, Bryan Brown & John Jarrat
Shot in Northern Territory, Alice Springs & Sydney
RAPA NUI Head of Department & Wig Maker
Tig Productions | Directed by Kevin Reynolds
Produced by Kevin Costner & Jim Wilson
Featuring Esai Morales & Jason Scott Lee
Shot in Easter Island
MISSION TOP SECRET Head of Department
Grundy Television | Directed by Marcus Cole
Produced by Noel Price | Featuring Shayne Bryant,
Rossi Kotsis & Fred Parslow | Shot in Sydney & Europe
THE NOSTRADAMUS KID Head of Department
Simpson Le Mesurier Films | Directed by Bob Ellis
Produced by Terry Jennings | Featuring Noah Taylor 
BODY MELT Make-Up Artist
Australian Film Commission | Directed by Philip Brophy
Produced by Daniel Scharf | Featuring Gerrard Kennedy
Shot in Melbourne, Australia
SCOOBY DOO Personal Hair & Make-Up to
Freddie Prinze Jnr & Rowan Atkinson

Warner Bros | Directed by Raja Gosnell
Produced by Charles Roven, Richard Suckle & Andrew Mason
Shot in Gold Coast, Australia
SILVER BRUMBY Key Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist
AFFC | Directed by John Tatoulis | Produced by Colin South
Featuring Russell Crowe | Shot in Victoria, Australia
SPOTSWOOD Key Hair Stylist
Meridian Films | Directed by Mark Joffe | Produced by Tim White
Featuring Ben Mandelson, Sir Anthony Hopkins & Russell Crowe
Shot in Melbourne, Australia
Ruddy Morgan Productions | Directed by John Meliuss
Produced by Andre Morgan | Featuring Nick Nolte & Nigel Havers
Shot in Malaysia
Key Hair Stylist
Silver Screen Partners | Directed & Produced by Geoff Burrows
Featuring Sigrid Thornton & Tom Burlinson
Shot in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia
RKO Pictures | Directed & Produced by Simon Wincer
Featuring John Walton, Anthony Andrews & Sigrid Thornton
Shot in Flinders Range, S. Australia
GROUND ZERO Key Hair Stylist
Ground Zero Films | Directed by Bruce Myles
Produced by Michael Pattinson
Featuring Colin Friels & Donald Pleasance
Shot in Woomera & Coober Pedy, S. Australia
KANGAROO Key Hair Stylist
Cineplex-Odeon Films | Directed by Tim Burstall
Featuring Judy Davis & Colin Friels
Produced by Ross Dimsey | Shot in Melbourne, Victoria
BEYOND BORDERS Personal Hairdresser to
Angelina Jolie & Clive Owen

Mandalay Pictures | Directed by Martin Campbell
Produced by Dan Halsted | Shot in Montreal, Africa & Thailand
WIND Personal Hairdresser to
Matthew Modine & Jennifer Grey

American Zoetrope | Directed by Carroll Ballard
Featuring Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson & Matthew Modine
Produced by Francis Ford Coppola | Shot in Perth, Western Australia
BRAVEHEART Key Make-Up & Hair Designer
Icon Entertainment | Directed by Mel Gibson
Produced by Allan Ladd Jnr, Mel Gibson & Bruce Dave
Featuring Patrick McGoohan, Brian Cox & Mel Gibson
Shot in Shepperton Studios, Fort William & Dublin


MARCO POLO Make-Up & Hair Supervisor and Hair Designer 
The Weinstein Company for Netflix | Directed by Various
Produced by Tom Prince & Richard Sharkey 
Shot in Pinewood Studios, Malaysia 
HAWKE Head of Department
The Film Company | Directed by Emma Freeman
Produced by Richard Keddie | Featuring Richard Roxborough
Shot in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
DIRT GAME Head of Department
Harvey Taft Productions
Directed by Brendan Maher & Grant Brown
Produced by David Taft & Michael Harvey
Featuring Joel Edgerton, Freya Stafford & Katie Hall
Shot in Broome, Melbourne, Outback NSW
Head of Department inc Prosthetics
Scrimshaw Productions | Directed by Ezna Sands
Featuring Rob Mariano, Ted Haimes & Tad Frank
Produced by Dean Zanuck | Shot in Fiji
THE COMPANY Head of Department
Turner Network Television | Directed by Mikael Solomon
Produced by Robert Bernacchi | Featuring Chris O'Donell,
Alfred Molina, Rory Cochrane & Michael Keaton
Shot in Toronto, Budapest & Puerto Rico
IKE THUNDER IN JUNE Head of Department
A & E Television | Directed by Robert Harmon
Produced by Dennis Brown | Featuring Timothy Bottoms,
Tom Selleck & James Remar | Shot in New Zealand
Emmy Award Nomination
Head of Department
Robert Greenwald Productions
Directed by Joyce Chopra | Produced by Bradley H. Gordon
Featuring Poppy Montgomery, Patrick Dempsey & Wallace Shawn
Shot in Melbourne, Australia & L.A, USA
FARSCAPE Head of Department
Jim Henson Productions | Directed & Produced by Various
Featuring Ben Browder, Claudia Black & Lani John Tupu
Shot in Sydney, Australia
NOAHS ARK Head of Department
NBC | Directed by John Irvin | Produced by Steohen Jones
Featuring Mary Steenbergen, Jon Voight & F. Murray Abraham
Shot in Melbourne, Australia
MOBY DICK Head of Department
American Zoetrope | Directed by Franc Roddam
Produced by Steve McGlothen | Featuring Gregory Peck,
Bruce Spence, Henry Thomas & Patrick Stewart
Shot in Melbourne, Australia
Head of Department
Walt Disney Television | Directed by Troy Miller
Produced by Jeffrey Lampert | Featuring Dyan Cannon,
Sarah Michelle Gellar & Mark Mull | Shot in Queensland
TWISTED TALES Head of Department
Nine Network Australia | Directed by Various
Produced by Bryan Brown | Featuring Geoffrey Rush
Shot in Australia
FLYING DOCTORS Head of Department
Film Australia | Directed by John Armstrong
Produced by Rachel Dixon | Shot in Melbourne, Australia
Paramount Pictures | Directed by Various
Produced by Jeff Hayes & Mike Lake
Shot in Melbourne, Australia
ALL THE WAY Head of Department
Crawford Productions | Directed by Chris Adshead
Produced by Brendan Lunney | Featuring Dannii Minogue,
Jacqueline McKenzie & Ben Mendelsohn
THE FAR COUNTRY Head of Department
7 Network | Directed by George Miller
Featuring Sigrid Thornton & Michael York 
Produced By John Barningham | Shot in Victoria, Australia
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