Production Co-ordinators
Pat Bryan

Experienced Production Co-ordinator working in Film & TV Drama


Production Co-ordinator
ITV Studios Ltd | Directed by Charlie Palmer, Hettie MacDonald, 
Sarah Harding, John Strickland, Peter Lydon, David Moore,
Andy Wilson & Tom Vaughan | Produced by David Boulter,
Peter McAleese & David Moore | Line Producer Matthew Hamilton 
PUBLIC ENEMIES Production Co-ordinator
Tiger Aspect for BBC | Directed by Dearbhla Walsh
Produced by Julia Stannard | 3 x 1 hour episodes
Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Produced by Annie Tricklebank
Directed by Moira Armstrong, Patrick Lau, Paul Seed,
Sue Tully, David Tucker & David Innes Edwards
LEWIS II Production Co-ordinator
Granada | Produced by Chris Burt | 4 x 2 Hour Drama
Directed by Richard Spence, Dan Reed & Stuart Orme
LOVE SOUP Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Produced by Verity Lambert | 12 Eps
Directed by Sandy Johnson & Christine Gernon
Line Producer Maria Cooper | Comedy Drama
BAD GIRLS Production Co-ordinator
Shed Productions | Directed by Barnaby Southcombe,
Lance Kneeshaw, Jim Loach & Lawrence Moody
Produced by Sharon Houlihan
PICKLES Production Co-ordinator
Impossible Pictures | Directed by Gavin Millar
Produced by Keith Thompson
Production Co-ordinator
Mentorn TV | Directed by Jon Jones
Executive Producer David Aukin 
FOYLES WAR Production Co-ordinator
Greenlit Prods | Produced by Keith Thompson
Directed by Gavin Miller & Jeremy Silberston 
HEARTLESS Production Co-ordinator
Ecosse TV | Directed by Nick Laughland
Produced by Jeremy Gwilt
AMNESIA Production Co-ordinator
Ecosse TV | Directed by Nick Laughland
Produced by Jeremy Gwilt
BABYFATHER II Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Produced by Anne Edyvean
Directed by Alrick Riley & Rob Bangura
WAKING THE DEAD II Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Directed by Edward Bennett, David Thacker
& Maurice Phillips | Produced by Victoria Fea
THE STRETFORD WIVES Production Co-ordinator
BBC | Directed by Peter Webber
Produced by Kate Bartlett
WITHOUT MOTIVE II Production Co-ordinator
Meridian Broadcasting & Alibi Productions
Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax & Delyth Thomas
Produced by Chris Clough
OTHELLO Production Co-ordinator
LWT | Directed by Geoffrey Sax
Produced by Julie Gardner & Anne Pivcevic
MIDSOMER MURDERS IV Production Co-ordinator
Bentley Prods | Directed by Peter Smith,
David Tucker & Jeremy Silberston
Produced by Brian True-May & Betty Willingale
URBAN GOTHIC Production Co-ordinator
Urban Gothic Prods | Produced by John Price
Directed by Colin Bucksey, Marcus DF White,
Paul Hills & Andrew Morgan
MIDSOMER MURDERS III Production Co-ordinator
Bentley Prods | Directed by Jeremy Silberston 
& Peter Smith | Produced by Brian True-May
& Betty Willingale | Director & Producer Peter Creegan
A MANY SPLINTERED THING Production Co-ordinator
Lucky Dog Ltd | Directed by Paul Harrison
Produced by Kenton Allen & Geoff Deane
MIDSOMER MURDERS II Production Co-ordinator
Bentley Prods | Directed by Brian True-May 
Produced by Jeremy Silberston & Moira Armstrong
THE BROKERS MAN II Production Co-ordinator
Bentley Prods | Directed by Carol Wilks
Produced by Brian True-May
Production Co-ordinator
Ecosse Films | Produced by Colin Ludlow
Directed by Ben Bolt & John Strickland
EMMA Production Co-ordinator
BBC TV | Produced by Sue Birtwistle
Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence 
AN INDEPENDENT MAN Production Co-ordinator
Witzend Prods | Produced by Don Leaver
Directed by Lawrence Gordon-Clark,
Don Leaver & John Reardon 
Production Co-ordinator
Bentley Prods | Produced by Brian True-May
Directed by James Cellan-Jones
WYCLIFFE I Production Co-ordinator
HTV | Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax, AJ Quinn
& Martyn Friend | Produced by Geraint Morris
HARRY I Production Co-ordinator
Union Pictures | Produced by Martin McKeand
Directed by Mary McMurray & Rob Walker
LOVE HURTS II Production Co-ordinator
Alomo Prods | Produced by Tara Prem
Directed by Alan Grint & Roger Bamford
LOVE HURTS I Production Co-ordinator
Alomo Prods | Directed by Roger Bamford
Produced by Guy Slater
Carlton TV | Produced by Jo Willett
Directed by Hugh Laurie & Nic Phillips

Feature Films

COMPLICIT Production Co-ordinator
Many Rivers Ltd | Directed by Niall MacCormick
Produced by Kevin Toolis & Jolyon Symonds
Line Prod Jules Hussey | Shot in UK & Morocco
WILD BILL Production Co-ordinator
2010 Media | Directed by Dexter Fletcher
Produced by Sam Tromans & Tim Cole
HUNKY DORY Production Co-ordinator
Mulligan & Nesbitt | Directed by Marc Evans
Produced by John Finn | Featuring Minnie Driver
EVERYWHERE & NOWHERE Production Co-ordinator
E&N The Movie Ltd | Directed by Menhaj Huda
Produced by Sam Tromans | Line Prod Tim Cole
METAMORPHOSIS Production Co-ordinator
Attractive Features| Directed by Chris Swanton
Produced by Lesley McNeil
A CLOSED BOOK Production Co-ordinator
Feature Productions UK LTD | Directed by Raoul Ruiz
Featuring Tom Conti & Daryl Hannah
HOLY WATER Production Co-ordinator
Feature Prods | Directed by Tom Reeve
Produced by Nick & Duncan Napier Bell
TREE OF HANDS Production Co-ordinator
Greenpoint Films | Directed by Giles Foster
Produced by Ann Scott
LOVE POTION Production Co-ordinator
Flying High Ltd | Directed by Julian Doyle
Produced by Elaine Taylor
BEN'S ANGELS Production Secretary
Ben's Angels Prods | Directed by John Davies
Produced by John Quilty
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