Script Supervisor
Jo Beckett

Jo is a highly experienced Script Supervisor able to work in all formats

Feature Films

Amblin Entertainment | Universal Pictures
Directed by J.A. Bayona
Produced by Belen Atienza, Patrick Crowley & Frank Marshall
Featuring Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard
The Mark Gordon Company | Directed by Lasse Hallstrom
Produced by Larry J. Franco, Lindy Goldstein & Mark Gordon
Featuring Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman & Helen Mirren
THE MUMMY Script Supervisor
Universal Pictures | Directed by Alex Kurtzman
Produced by Sarah Bradshaw, Sean Daniel, Alex Kurtzman & Chris Morgan
"2017 Oscar Nomination for Best Visual Effects"
Script Supervisor
Marvel Films | Directed by Scott Derrickson
Produced by Kevin Feige | Featuring Benedict Cumerbatch,
Rachel McAdams & Chiwetel Ejofor
THE HUNTSMAN  Script Supervisor 
Universal Pictures | Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Produced by Joe Roth | Exec Producers Sarah Bradshaw & Palek Patel
Featuring Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron & Jessica Chastain 
PAN Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Berlanti Productions & Warner Bros. | Directed by Joe Wright 
Produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter & Paul Webster 
MACBETH Script Supervisor
SeeSaw Films & The Weinstein Co. | Directed by Justin Kurzel 
Produced by Iain Canning, Laura Hastings-Smith & Emile Sherman
Script Supervisor
Cott Productions & Warner Bros. | Directed by Ron Howard 
Produced by Brian Grazer, Marshall Herskovitz, Joe Roth,
Will Ward & Paula Weinstein 
MALEFICENT Script Supervisor
Walt Disney Pictures | Directed by Robert Stromberg
Produced by Richard D. Zanuck, Joe Roth & Don Hahn
Featuring Angelina Jolie & Elle Fanning
Script Supervisor
Universal Pictures | Directed by Rupert Sanders
Produced by Sam Mercer, Palak Patel & Joe Roth
Featuring Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart 
WILL Script Supervisor
Galatafilm | Directed & Produced by Ellen Perry
Co-Produced by Taha Altayli, Mark Cooper
& Timothy J. Nicholas | Featuring Damien Lewis 
LATE BLOOMERS Script Supervisor
The Bureau & Les Films du Worso | Directed by Julie Gavras
Produced by Sylvie Pialat & Bertrand Faivre
Featuring William Hurt & Isabella Rosselini
BLITZ Script Supervisor
Lionsgate | Directed by Elliott Lester
Produced by Zygi Kamasa, Donald Kushner & Brad Wyman
Featuring Jason Statham,  Paddy Considine & David Morrissey
ORANGES & SUNSHINE Script Supervisor
See Saw Films | Directed by Jim Loach
Produced by Iain Canning, Camilla Bray & Emile Sherman
Line Producer Joan Schneider
THE DOMINO EFFECT Script Supervisor
Kasander Film Co | Directed by Paula van der Oest
Produced by Kees Kasander | Line Producer Victoria Goodall
ROBIN HOOD Script Supervisor | Action Unit: 2nd Unit
Imagine Entertainment | Directed by Ridley Scott
Produced by Brian Grazer & Russell Crowe
Featuring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett & William Hurt
MOON Script Supervisor | Main Unit
Liberty Films | Directed by Duncan Jones
Produced by Stuart Fenegan & Nicky Moss
Line Producer Julia Valentine
BREAKING & ENTERING Script Supervisor
Sorting Office Ltd | 2nd Unit Directed by Anthony Mingela
Featuring Juliette Binoche, Jude Law & Ray Winstone
APT Films | Directed by Paul Morrison
Featuring Delroy Lindo & Emily Woof 
Produced by Johnny Persey
THE ONE & ONLY Script Supervisor
Assassin Films | Directed by Simon Cellan-Jones
Produced by Lesley Udwin | Featuring Patsy Kensit 
BORN ROMANTIC Script Supervisor | Re-Shoot
Kismet Film Company | Directed by David Kane
Produced by Michele Camarda | Featuring Catherine McCormack 
EVENT HORIZON Script Supervisor
Paramount Films | Directed by Paul Anderson
Featuring Sam Neil & Joely Richardson
LEPRECHAUNS Script Supervisor
Hallmark Films | Directed by John Henderson
Featuring Whoopi Goldberg & Randy Quad
AVENGERS Script Supervisor
Warner Bros. | Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
Featuring Ralph Fiennes & Uma Thurman
MY WRONGS Script Supervisor
Warp Films Ltd | Directed by Chris Morris
BAFTA Winner 2003 | Short
UP TO THE SKY Script Supervisor
Little Fish Films Co. | Directed by Imogen Stubbs
Produced by Carl Procter 
HIT LIST Script Supervisor
Grasshopper Films | Directed by Sven Hughes
Produced by Clare Spencer
PARADISE Script Supervisor
Anglia Films BBC | Directed by Caitlin Levene


ROOM AT THE TOP Script Supervisor
Great Meadow Prods for BBC4 | Directed by Aisling Walsh
Exec Producers Kate Triggs, Robert Cooper & Amanda Coe 
BAFTA Winner for Best Mini-Series 2013
ASHES TO ASHES Script Supervisor
Kudos Film & TV | Directed & Produced by Various
Featuring Marshall Lancaster, Philip Glenister & Keeley Hawes
HOTEL BABYLON Script Supervisor
Carnival Films | Directed by Andy Hay & Julian Simpson
SLEEP WITH ME Script Supervisor
Clerkenwell Films | Directed by Mark Jobst
Produced by Steve Lightfoot
WHATEVER IT TAKES Script Supervisor
Twenty Twenty Television | Directed by Andy Hay
Line Producer Dominic Barlow | Produced by Nick Pitt
HOLBY BLUE Script Supervisor
Red Planet & BBC | Directed by Various
Produced by Claire Phillips | Exec Producer Tony Jordan
THE PALACE Script Supervisor
Company TV | Directed by Metin Huseyin
Featuring Sophie Winkleman, Rupert Evans
& Sebastion Armesto | Produced by David Snodin 
MR BEAN & THE WEDDING Script Supervisor
Tightrope Pictures | Directed by Richard Curtis
Featuring Rowan Atkinson
SENSITIVE SKIN Script Supervisor
Baby Cow Productions | Directed by Hugo Blick
Featuring Joanna Lumley
INSTINCT Script Supervisor
Tightrope North for ITV | Directed by Terry McDonough
Featuring Anthony Flanagan
ANGEL CAKE Script Supervisor
Celador Productions for BBC | Directed by Simon Delaney
Produced by Stephen Garwood | Featuring Sarah Lancashire
AFTERSUN Script Supervisor
Tiger Aspect for BBC | Directed by Peter Lydon
Produced by Peter Lydon | Featuring Peter Capaldi
THE STREET (Series 2) Script Supervisor
Granada for BBC | Directed by Terry McDonough
Featuring Jim Broadbent & Jane Horrocks
LOSING IT Script Supervisor
Quite Funny Films for ITV | Directed by Ben Bolt
Produced by Murray Ferguson | Featuring Martin Clunes
VINCENT Script Supervisor
Granada | Directed by Terry McDonough
Featuring Ray Winston & Amanda Redman
THE SHELL SEEKERS Script Supervisor
Gate UK TV | Directed by Pers Haggard
Featuring Vanessa Redgrave
TRIAL & RETRIBUTION Script Supervisor
LaPlante Productions | Directed by Andy Hay
ELEVENTH HOUR Script Supervisor
Granada | Directed by Terry McDonough
Featuring Patrick Stewart & Ashley Jenson
MURPHY'S LAW Script Supervisor
Tiger Aspect for BBC | Directed by Richard Standeven
Featuring James Nesbitt | Drama Series
SENSITIVE SKIN (Series 1) Script Supervisor
Baby Cow Productions | Directed by Hugo Blick
Featuring Joanna Lumley & Denis Lawson
Six part comedy drama set around London
WIRE IN THE BLOOD Script Supervisor
Coastal Productions | Directed by Terry McDonough,
Alex Pillau & Andrew Grieve  | Featuring Robson Green
& Hermione Norris | Drama series | 3 episodes
LAWLESS Script Supervisor
Company Pictures | Directed by Roger Gartland
Featuring Trevor Eve | Two part drama series 
Script Supervisor
Clerkenwell Films | Directed by Sam Miller
Produced by Murray Ferguson | Featuring James Nesbitt
SAMUEL PEPYS Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Oliver Parker | Produced by Nick Jones
Featuring Steve Coogan | 60 minute period drama 
WINTER SOLSTICE Script Supervisor
Gate UK Television | Directed by Martyn Friend
Featuring Jean Simmons & Sir Peter Ustinov
Produced by David Cunliffe | 2 x 90 minute dramas
THE BRONTES Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Samira Osman | 60 minute Docu-Drama
JANE AUSTEN Script Supervisor
BBC | Directed by Nicky Pattison | Produced by Victoria Page
Featuring Anna Chancellor | 60 minute Docu-Drama
BAD GIRLS Script Supervisor
Shed Productions | Directed by Brett Fallis | Drama series
DREAM TEAM Script Supervisor
Hewland Int. | Directed by Henry Foster | Drama series
FAMILY AFFAIRS Script Supervisor
Pearson TV | Directed by Nicholas Ferguson
Produced by Steve Ross | Channel 5 (six months)


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