Script Supervisor
Giulia Patanè
Script Supervisor

Giulia is a London & Rome based Script Supervisor trained by Randi Feldman in New York.
Experienced in both UK & US Slating Systems, Digital & 16mm, VFX, Green Screen, Single & Multi-Camera.
Digital Script Supervisor using Peter Skarratt Software.
Fluent in Italian & English, basic Spanish & French. Bases in London, Manchester, Dublin,
Rome, Florence, Milan & Venice.

Feature Films

COME AWAY Script Supervisor
Fred Films | Directed by Brenda Chapman
Produced by James Spring, Leesa Kahn & Andrea Keir
MALEFICENT 2  Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit 
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | Directed by Joachim Ronning 
Produced by Angelina Jolie & Joe Roth 
JOHNNY ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN Script Supervisor | Additional Photography 
Studio Canal | Directed by David Kerr 
Produced by Raphael Benoliel & Chris Clark 
THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit 
Walt Disney Pictures | Directed by Thea Sharrock 
Produced by Angelina Jolie, Allison Shearmur & Brigham Taylor 
DUMBO Script Supervisor | Splinter & Main Unit
The Walt Disney Studio | Directed by Tim Burton
Produced by Katterli Frauenfelder, Derek Frey, Ehren Kruger & Justin Springer
BLACK PANTHER Script Supervisor | Additional Photography
Marvel Studios | Directed by Ryan Coogler
Produced by Kevin Feige & David J. Grant
SCARBOROUGH Script Supervisor
Embargo Films | Directed by Barnaby Southcombe
Produced by Christopher Granier-Deferre
THE JUNGLE BOOK Script Supervisor | Additional Photography | Dailies
Warner Bros | Directed by Andy Serkis
Produced by Jonathan Cavendish, Steve Kloves & Andy Serkis
10 x 10 Script Supervisor
Unstoppable Entertainment | Directed by Suzi Ewing
Produced by Noel Clarke, Jason Maza & Maggie Monteith
Featuring Luke Evans & Kelly Reilly
ACCIDENT MAN Script Supervisor
Directed by Jesse V.Johnson | Produced by Craig Baumgarten, Ben Jacques & Erik Kritzer
Featuring Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson, Michael Jai White & David Paymer
THE LAST BOY Script Supervisor
Kirlian Pictures | Directed by Perry Bhandal
Produced by Perry Bhandal  & Luke Goss
Featuring Luke Goss & Peter Guinness
OBEY Script Supervisor
Beyond Fiction | Directed by Jamie Jones
Produced by Ross Williams & Emily Jones
Directed by Ronnie Thompson | Produced by Ben Jacques
CHI SALVERÀ LE ROSE Script Supervisor
Corallo Film | Directed by Cesare Furesi
Produced by Giulio Cesare Senatore
BROTHERHOOD Script Supervisor (Dailies)
Unstoppable Entertainment | Directed by Noel Clarke
Produced by Noel Clarke, George Isaac & Jason Maza
Featuring Noel Clarke, Olivia Chenery, Tonia Sotiropoulou,
Steven Cree, Cornell John & Jason Maza
THE HABIT OF BEAUTY Script Supervisor
Pinch Media | Directed by Mirko Pincelli
Produced by Christiano Bortone, Mirko Pincelli 
& Enrico Tessarin | Featuring Michael Warburton,
Noel Clarke, Elena Cotta, Nick Moran & Francesca Neri
ARIFA Script Supervisor
Shono Productions | Directed by Sadia Saeed
Produced by Peter Leslie | Featuring Joelle Koissi,
George Camiller, Byron J. Brochmann, Rez Kempton
Nothing But Fiction Films Ltd | Directed by Odilon Rocha
Produced by Clare Cahill & Odilon Rocha
Featuring Jerry Hall, Rachel Shenton, Rochelle Neil &
Claudia Ohana
THE PRETOR Script Supervisor
Lime Film, Chichinsci, Rai Cinema | Directed by Giulio Base
Produced by Valentina Di Giuseppe & Massimiliano Leone
Featuring Francesco Pannofino, Eliana Miglio & Sarah Maestri
Script Supervisor
MGP Film | Directed by Davide Simon Mazzoli
Produced by Daniele Gramiccia & Davide Simon Mazzoli
Featuring Giancarlo Giannini, Chiara Francini & Ricky Tognazzi
Script Supervisor
Ad Hoc Film, Rai Cinema | Directed by Gianfrancesco Lazotti
Produced by Elda Ferri | Featuring Philippe Leroy,
Christiana Capotondi & Giselda Volodi
FUORI DAL CORO Script Supervisor
Sciò Production S.R.L 
Written and Directed by Sergio Misuraca
Featuring Ivan Franek & Aurora Quattrocchi


CURFEW Script Supervisor 
Tiger Aspect Productions | Directed by Colm McCarthy
Produced by Simon Maloney 
BULLETPROOF Script Supervisor 
Vertigo Film | Directed by Nick Love
Produed by Jon Finn  
TRUST Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit
Cloud Eight Films, Decibel Films, FX Productions & Snicket Films LTD | Directed and Produced by Danny Boyle 
Written by Simon Beaufoy
Series 3
Script Supervisor | Block 2
CBBC | Directed by George Siougas
Produced by Sally Martin

Short Films

FIRE CRACKER Script Supervisor
Directed by Jonathan Harris | Produced by Diarmuid Hughes
THE NAUGHTY LIST Script Supervisor
Chameleon Pictures | Directed by Paul Campion
Produced by Michelle Cullen
THE INURING Script Supervisor
Sunset Aperture | Directed by James Hughes
Produced by Emily Haigh
SPECIAL Script Supervisor
Bigscope Films | Directed by John Keates
Produced by Natasha Torin
Smuggler Entertainment, Creative England | Directed by Ben Bond
Produced by Elinor Day
ANOTHER LOVE Script Supervisor
Masked Frame Pictures Ltd | Directed by Victor Perez
Produced by Victor Perez & Maria Chiara Ranieri
Featuring Nigel Barber & Maria Ruiz
Columbia University (NY) | Directed by Gregorio Frenchetti
ROMEO Script Supervisor
8 Production S.R.L | Directed by Micaela Di Stasi
WHEELS Script Supervisor
Written and Directed by Marco Oliva
Featuring Andrea Beretta & Laura Pagliara
PLEASE HURRY Script Supervisor 
Directed by Niccolo Senni
L'APPUNTAMENTO Script Supervisor
8 Production S.r.l | Directed by Ylenia Politano
DOMANI SMETTO Script Supervisor
1 1 Marzo Film S.r.l | Directed by Marcello di Noto
RAPING ROUGE Script Supervisor
Reverie Production S.r.l | Directed by Lorenzo Monaco
IL PESO DEL PASSATO Script Supervisor
Directed by Francesco Cozzupoli
L'APPUNTAMENTO Script Supervisor
Hackers Movie Production | Directed by Gianpiero Alicchio
Italian Golden Globe for Best Short Film 2013
Script Supervisor
Revolution Movie Entertainment | Directed by Daniele Santamaria Maurizio
Script Supervisor
Directed by Niccolò Senni
SVEGLIATI! Script Supervisor
Facciapiatta S.r.l | Directed by Duccio Giordano
TENDER IS THE FLESH Script Supervisor
702 Films | Directed by Marco Cacioppo
MIRO-MIRANDA! Script Supervisor
LaLoggia/Plancton Studio | Directed by Frank LaLoggia


Series 1
Script Supervisor
Directed by Antonio Nardo
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