Make-Up & Hair Designer
Davina Lamont
Make-Up & Hair

Davina is a highly experienced Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer, 

Has designed on a vast array of different projects within Film and TV, that has taking her around the world 

working with some of the best in the business.

Her talents are diverse, ranging from Beauty, Hair, Wigs and Airbrushing, to highly experienced in prosthetics making and application.

Has citizenship in the UK, New Zealand & Australia.

Winner of 'Best Make-Up and Hairstyling' | India Star Views Awards 2016 
Winner of 'Best Make-Up' | New Zealand Film Awards 2014 | 'The Dead Lands'
Winner of 'Best Make-Up' | New Zealand Film Awards 2012 | 'The Devils Rocks'

Nominee for 'Best Make-Up' | Academy of Science Fiction & Fantasy Films USA 2008 | '30 Days Of Night'
Nominee for 'Best Special Make-Up Effects' | Make-Up Artist & Hair Styling Awards 2016 | 'Sons of Liberty’

Feature Films

SWEETHEART Make-Up Designer
Blumhouse Productions | Directed by J.D. Dillard
Produced by Jason Blum, Alex Hyner, Bill Karesh & Alex Theurer
UNDERWORLD 5 Make-Up & Hair Designer 
Lakeshore Entertainment | Directed by Anna Foerster
Produced by David Kern, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg
& Len Wiseman | Featuring Kate Beckinsale, Theo James,
Charles Dance, Bradley James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver
KRAMPUS  Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
Universal Pictures | Directed by Michael Dougherty
Featuring Toni Collette, Adam Scott & Allison Tollman 
THE DEADLANDS Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
General Film Commission | Directed by Toa Fraser
Featuring James Rolleston & Lawrence Makoare
Winner of 'Best Make-Up' at New Zealand Film Awards 2014 
CHAPPIE Hair Technician (Weta Workshop)
Hair Punching Dummy Head of Jose Pablo Cantillo

Alpha Core & Sony Pictures | Directed by Neil Blomkamp
PROJECT I Supervising Prosthetics Artist (India)
& Personal to Vikram Kennedy

Asscar Films | Directed by Shankar
BEYOND THE EDGE Make-Up & Hair Designer
General Films Corp | Directed by Leanne Pooley
Produced by Matthew Metcalf & Catherine Madigian
Make-Up & Hair Designer
BBC | Directed by Barry Cook & Neil Nightingale
Produced by David Nicksay & Amanda Hill
DOM HEMMINGWAY Key Make-Up UK & Personal to Jude Law
Recorded Picture Co. | Directed Richard Shepard
Produced by Jeremy Thomas & Nick O'Hagan
DIANA Key Make-Up UK & Personal to Naveen Andrews & Cas Anva
Ecosse Films & Filmgate | Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel
Produced by Robert Bernstein, Matt Delargy & Douglas Rae
TOP OF THE LAKE Personal Make-Up for Thomas Wright
See-Saw Films | Directed by Jane Campion
Produced by Philippa Campbell & Emile Sherman
ELYSIUM Hair Technician (Weta Workshop)
Hair Punching full head, beards & bodies for
Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley & Jose Pablo Cantillo

Sony Pictures | Directed by Neill Blomkamp
MR PIP Personal Make-Up & Hair for Eka Darville
Olympus Pictures | Directed by Andrew Adamson
Produced by Andrew Adamson & Tim Coddington
THE HOBBIT Hair Technician (Weta Workshop) & Fabrication
New Line Cinema | Directed by Peter Jackson
Produced by Peter Jackson & Zane Weiner
Crowd Make-Up Artist UK
Warner Bros. | Directed by Guy Ritchie
Exec Producers Bruce Berman & Steve Clark-Hall
X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Beast Creature Hair Effects UK
20th Century Fox | Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Produced by Gregory Goodman & Simon Kinberg
Personal Make-Up & Hair for Roxanne Mesanida
Ten Cent Pictures | Directed by Kristin Marcon
Produced by Alex Cole-Baker
THE DEVILS ROCK Make-Up & Hair Designer and
Personal Make-Up & Hair for Craig Hall

NZ Film Commission | Directed by Paul Campion
Winner Best Make-Up Design in a Feature Film
AVATAR 3D Daily Make-Up Artist: Make-Up, Scars & Tattoos
20th Century Fox | Directed by James Cameron
30 DAYS OF NIGHT Prosthetics Supervisor & 
Personal Prosthetics for Josh Hartnett

Columbia Pictures | Directed by David Slade
Nomination for Best Make-Up
YOGI BEAR 3D Hair Supervisor & Personal to Tom Cavanagh
Warner Bros. | Directed by Eric Brevig
Produced by Donald De Line & Karen Rosenfelt
ICE Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
Personal Make-Up & Hair for Ben Cross,
Frances O'Connor & Stephen Moyer

Screen Time & Power | Directed by Nick Copus
ALIENS IN THE ATTIC Make-Up & Hair Designer &
Personal to Ashley Tisdale & Doris Roberts

20th Century Fox | Directed by John Schultz
THE CARDINAL Prosthetic & Contact Lens Artist
Weta Workshop | Directed by Lee Tamahori
SECOND HAND WEDDING Make-Up & Hair Designer
Film Commission | Directed by Paul Murphy
Produced by Kerry Robins & Honor Byrne
KING KONG Prosthetics Co-ordinator & Weta Workshop
Wig Maker, Lens Tech & Hair Punching (Kong)

Universal Studios | Directed by Peter Jackson
10,000 BC Make-Up, Hair Artist & Facial Hair Maker
Lens Technician for Carmilla Bell & Marco Khan

Warner Bros. | Directed by Roland Emmerich
BLACK SHEEP Prosthetics & Lens Artist & Weta Workshop Technician
Escapade Pictures | Directed by Jonathon King
BLOOD BROTHERS Key Make-Up Artist for Pre-Film Shoot
Weta Workshop | Directed by Denzel Washington
THE LAST SAMURAI Crowd Make-Up Artist & Facial Hair Maker
Warner Bros. | Directed by Ed Zwick
Produced by Tom Cruise & Paula Wagner
Make-Up & Hair Artist & Personal to Karl Urban
New Line Cinema | Directed by Peter Jackson
Make-Up & Hair Artist & Personal to Karl Urban
New Line Cinema | Directed by Peter Jackson
Make-Up & Hair Artist & Personal to Karl Urban
New Line Cinema | Directed by Peter Jackson
WATER HORSE Facial Hair Maker for Pick-Ups
Walden Media | Directed by Jay Russell
MASK OF ZORRO II Weta Workshop Technician
Hair Punching: New Zealand Unit

Columbia Pictures | Directed by Martin Campbell
STICKMEN Additional Make-Up Artist
Universal | Directed by Hamish Rothwell


Nominated for an Emmy
Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
National Geographic,Fox TV, Imagine & Skillking | Directed by Ron Howard, Minkie Spiro, Kevin Hooks, Ken Biller & James Hawes
Produced by Ken Biller, William Connor & Robert Williams
Featuring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson & Johnny Flynn
BRITANNIA Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer
Sky, Amazon & United Film | Produced by Rick McCallum, James Richardson, Anne Thomopoulos & Pippa Harris
Featuring David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mackenzie Crook, Stanley Weber, Zoe Wannamaker & Ian McDiamid
LEGENDS Make-Up & Hair Designer
Fox 21 | Directors Brad Turner, Kenneth Biller & Jon Jones
Executive Producers Howard Gordon & Alexander Cary
SONS OF LIBERTY Make-Up & Prosthetics Designer (Romania)
Icon Films & History Channel | Directed by Kari Skogland
Produced by Stephan David, Matt Gross & Peter Fieldman
Featuring Ben Barnes, Michael Raymond James, Rafe Spall, 
Henry Thomas, Dean Norris, Jason O'Mara, Ryan Eggold,
Marton Coakas, Kevin Ryan & Emily Barrington  
TOP OF THE LAKE  Make-Up & Hair Artist for Thomas Wright 
See-Saw Films | Directed by Jane Campion
Produced by Philippa Campbell & Emile Sherman
HOD Noriko Watanabe 
TATAU Make-Up Designer 
Touchpaper & Zodiac UK | Pilot Series in Atutiki Cook Islands
BILLY Make-Up & Hair Artist & Personal to Morgana O'Reilly
Comedia Pictures | Directed by Peter Burger
I SHOULDN'T BE ALIVE Make-Up & Prosthetics Designer
Discovery Channel | Directed by James Erskine
Episode 15: Dive of Terror
SHACKLETON'S CAPTAIN Make-Up & Prosthetics Designer
Making Movies NZ | Directed by Leanne Pooley
THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSON Additional Make-Up Artist
South Pacific Pictures | Directed by Mark Beesley
SUPER FIRE Make-Up & Hair Artist & Personal to Chad Donnela
ABC | Directed by Steven Quale
FOOD SHOW 2009 Make-Up & Hair Artist & Personal to Donna Hay
PR Company | Directed by Unknown
LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Make-Up Artist & Key Prosthetics
ABC | Produced by Rob Tapert | Episodes 101 - 104
EMU Make-Up Designer
BBC | Directed by Danny Mulheron
AFTER SHOCK Make-Up & Prosthetic Designer
TV3 & Gibson Group | Directed by Brendan Donovan
WELCOME TO PARADISE Make-Up & Hair Designer
Gibson Group | Directed by Jeff Murphy
MY STORY Make-Up & Hair Designer
Gibson Group | Directed by Peter Salmon
KILLIAN CURSE Make-Up & Prosthetics Designer
TVNZ | Directed by Thomas Robbins
KILLIAN CURSE 2 Make-Up & Prosthetics Designer
TVNZ | Directed by Thomas Robbins
FREAKY 1 & 2 Make-Up & Hair Designer
TVNZ | Directed by Thomas Robbins
100 HOURS Make-Up & Hair Designer
TVNZ | Directed by Mark Overett

Other Credits

STAR TREK Make-Up Artist | Press Junket & Red Carpet
GOOD Make-Up Artist | Press Junket
SINGAPORE TEACHING Teacher | Make-Up, Prosthetics, Hair & Wigs
Make-Up Artist | Press Junket & Red Carpet
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