Line Producer
Chris Bunyan

Having trained at the BBC as a Production Manager and working as a location manager for over 15 years, Chris has a fantastic over-view of the entire production process which makes scheduling, budgeting and decision making a natural competence.  Having created very specific, schedules and budgets for over 20 features and Line produced two full length films, Chris is very happy to continue this challenge. 

Feature Films

BLOOD ORANGE Line Producer / Producer  
Lightworks Films | Directed by Toby Tobias 
Produced by Chris Bunyan, S. Gary Sangha & Toby Tobias
TOTAL CHAOS Line Producer 
AKA Picture Company | Directed by Eeshwar Nivas 
Produced by Shital Bhatia & Neeraj Pandey 

Short Films

THE RAVEN CLUB Line Producer / Producer 
Adamantine Pictures | Directed by Jamie Annett 
Produced by Chris Bunyan 
FALLEN ANGELS Line Producer / Producer 
Adamantine Pictures | Directed by Ben Rennick 
Produced by Chris Bunyan 
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