Script Supervisor
Carole Taylor

Carole is an experienced Script Supervisor working in Film & Television 
She has experience with stunt action, multi-camera setup and VFX.
She is also experienced with American and UK slating systems.
Carole has a base in London, Cardiff and in Liverpool.

Feature Films

WALK LIKE A PANTHER Script Supervisor | Additional Photography
Directed by  Dan Cadan | Produced by Dean O'Toole
KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Script Supervisor | Additional Photography/VFX Inserts
Marv Films | Directed by Matthew Vaughan
Produced by Adam Bohling, David Reid & Matthew Vaughan
Featuring Taron Egerton, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore & Colin Firth
THE COMMUTER Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit, VFX
Studio Canal, Ombra Pictures & The Picture Company
Directed by Jaume Collett-Sera | Produced by Andrew Rona 
& Alex Heineman | Executive Producer Michael Dreyer
Script Supervisor | Dailies & Prep 
Saracen Films | Directed by Zachary Adler 
Executive Producer Ken Brown 
TULIP FEVER  Script Supervisor | Main Unit & Splinter Unit 
Ruby Films | Directed by Justin Chadwick 
Produced by Alison Owen | Exec Producer Harvey Weinstein 
LAST WILL & TESTAMENT Script Supervisor
Praslin Pictures | Directed by Sanjay Kapoor
Executive Producer J. Jean-Louis
THE DOG WALKER Script Supervisor
1185 Films | Line Manager Nic Franco
1066 Script Supervisor
Hardy Pictures & Ch4 | Directed by Justin Hardy


Christmas Episode (Block 17/18)
Script Supervisor 
BBC Wales | Directed by Various 
Produced by Various 
(Series 32, episodes 3,4,8,9,12,17 & 18)
Script Supervisor
BBC Wales | Directed by Various
Produced by Various
THE STRIKE SERIES Script Supervisor | Additional Photography Multi Camera
Bronte Films | Directed by Michael Keller
Produced by Jackie Larkin | Exec Producer J.K Rowling
THE CITY & THE CITY Script Supervisor | Dailies
Mammoth Screen | Directed by Thomas Shankland
Produced by Betsan Morris-Evans
(Series 31, episodes 24 & 25)
Script Supervisor
BBC Wales | Directed by Paul Riordan
Produced by Louise Prendergast
(Episodes 5 & 6)
Script Supervisor | Dailies
BBC | Directed by James Larkin & Annie Tricklebank
Produced by Annie Tricklebank
CLASS Script Supervisor | Daily
BBC Cymru Wales | Directed by Ed Bazalgette, Philippa Langdale
& Wayne Yip | Produced by Derek Ritchie
THE MOONSTONE Script Supervisor
Period Drama by King Bert Production for BBC One
Produced by John Yorke
Directed by Lisa Mulcahy
6 X 50 minute drama series
CALL THE MIDWIFE Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit
Neal Street Productions | Directed by Sheree Folkston
Produced by Annie Tricklebank 
NEW BLOOD Additional Principal Photography | Dailies
Eleventh Hour Films | Directed by Anthony Philipson
Produced by Eve Gutierrez
REG Script Supervisor | Dailies
BBC LA Productions | Directed by David Blair
Produced by Donna Molloy, Colin McKeown
Featuring Tim Roth
MR SELFRIDGE 4 (Episodes 7 and 8) Script Supervisor
ITV | Directed by Joss Agnew
Produced by Dominic Barlow
SILENT WITNESS 19 Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
BBC | Directed by Richard Senior
Produced by Madonna Baptiste
THE NIGHT MANAGER Script Supervisor | Splinter Unit
BBC and the Ink Factory | Directed by Jim O'Hanlon
Produced by Rob Bullock
MR SELFRIDGE 4  Script Supervisor | Green Screen, Additional Days 
ITV Productions | Directed by Robbie del Maestro 
Executive Producer Kate Lewis
CALL THE MIDWIFE 5 Script Supervisor | Principal Photography: Dailies 
Neal Street Productions | Directed by Juliet May 
Producer Annie Tricklebank
(Christmas Special) 
Script Supervisor | Main Unit & 2nd Unit  
Zeppotron for Channel 4 | Directed by Barney Reisz 
Executive Producers Annabel Jones & Charlie Brooker
THE INTERCEPTORS  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit: Dailies 
BBC | Directed by Julian Holmes & Richard Senior
Produced by Patrick Shweitzer | Blocks 3 & 4
CALL THE MIDWIFE 4 Script Supervisor | Main Unit & Splinter Unit: Dailies
Neal Street Prods & BBC | Directed by Thadeus O'Sullivan
Produced by Annie Tricklebank 
SPOTLESS Script Supervisor | Main Unit & Splinter Unit: Dailies 
Canal+ | Directed by Colin Teague & Pascal Chaumeil
WOLF HALL Script Supervisor | Main Unit Cover: Dailies
BBC & Company Pictures | Directed by Peter Kosminsky 
Executive Producer John Yorke 
POLDARK Script Supervisor | Dailies
Mammoth Screen for BBC1 | Directors include;
Ed Bazalgette (Block 1) & Willie McGregor (Block 2) 
ROCKET'S ISLAND 3 Script Supervisor | Cover Dailies 
CBBC | Directed by Dirk Campbell
DOCTORS Script Supervisor | Various Series & Episodes
BBC | Producers inc; Jonathan Phillips & Sandra McVey
Directors inc; Niall Fraser, Matthew Carter, Ben Morris & Brett Fallis
Script Supervisor | Various Series & Episodes
Lime Pictures | Directors include; Chris Corcoran
Line Produced by Gordon Clark
CHASING RAINBOWS Script Supervisor
E4 & All3Media | Directed by Lee Skelly
E4 & All3Media | Directed by Colin O'Toole
(Series 9)
Script Supervisor | Dailies 
Company Pictures & Ch4 | Directed by Luke Watson
(Late Night Special)
Script Supervisor
Lime Pictures & Ch4 | Directed by Paul Riordan
THE BILL Script Supervisor | Various Blocks 
TalkbackThames | Produced by Matt Strevens & Tim Keys
Directed by Gill Wilkinson, Sven Arnstein & Ian White
CASUALTY Script Supervisor
BBC | Directors inc; Robbie Del Maestro, Chris Lovett & Shani Grewall
Produced by Jane Hudson, Jane Dauncey & Chris Lovett
DREAM TEAM RETRO Script Supervisor
Hewland International & Sky | Mini-series
MILE HIGH  Script Supervisor | Various Eps & Spain Shoot
Hewland International for Sky TV & CBS  
Directed by James Strong & Reza Moradi 
Executive Producer Jane Hewland 
(Series 4)
Script Supervisor | 4 Episodes
Shed Productions | Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Rob Bangurra & Dominic Santana
RIVER CITY Script Supervisor | 6 Episodes
BBC Scotland | Directed by Philip Wood
Produced by Stuart Docherty
WHERE THE HEART IS Script Supervisor
Granada | Produced by Ian Hopkins
Directed by Moira Armstrong & Paul Walker
DREAM TEAM Script Supervisor
Hewland International | Produced by Jane Hewland
Directed by Emma Bodger, Reza Moradi, James Strong & Rob McGillvaray
NIGHT & DAY Script Supervisor
Granada | Produced by Damien Timmer
Directed by Brian Farnham, Steve Kelly, Brett Fallis & Emma Bodger
BROOKSIDE PA, Continuity & Studio Gallery
Mersey Television | Directed by Jeremy Summers
Produced by Paul Marquess


MCDONALDS CHRISTMAS 2017 Script Supervisor 
Outsider | Directed by James Rouse 
Produced by Benji Howell
CISCO SYSTEMS LTD Script Supervisor
Ogilvy & Mather/Joinery USA | Directed by Paul Dektor
Produced by Pete Slowey
Sanctuary Films Ltd. | Directed by Tony McHale
Produced by Jan McHale
BRING BACK THE CAT Script Supervisor
Hungry Man Productions | Directed by Lenny Dorfman
Produced by Ben Link
TOMORROW TODAY Script Supervisor
Knucklehead | Directed by Christopher Hewitt
Produced by Darren Tuohy | 35mm


HAWKSHEAD Continuity | Produced by Nick Woollard
EAR PRODUCTIONS Continuity | Produced by Chris Lovett
BDF WORLDWIDE Continuity | Produced by Jez Startup
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