Script Supervisor
Angela Miller

Angela prides herself with a range of worldwide TV, Film  and Commercials experience gained over the past 10 years. She is proficient in ScriptE for IPad, Traditional format , 35mm and CGI. She can work with both the UK and US slating systems. She has excellent people skills and a good understanding of film language.

Experienced with single to multi-cam (up to 5) Heilcopter, Drones, Go-Pros. Also has SFX experience

Bases in London, Bristol, Glasgow, LA, Sydney.


Season 4
Script Supervisor 
Sony Pictures, Starz, Left Bank Pictures | Directed by Various
Produced by Matthew B Roberts & David Brown 
Season 2 
Script Supervisor 
Turner Broadcasting Service (TBS) | Directed by Jim Field Smith, James Griffiths & Ian Fitzgibbon 
Produced by Michael Pendell, Ben Dougan & Ken Topolsky 
AUSTRALIA: THE STORY OF US  Script Supervisor 
Essential Media / Channel 7 | Directed by Hugh Ballanyne & Lisa Matthews 
Series Producer: Chris Thornburn 

Feature Films

STANDING UP FOR SUNNY Script Supervisor 
See Pictures Ltd | Directed by Steve Vidler 
Produced by Jamie Hilton | Featuring RJ Mitte
SCHEMERS Script Supervisor 
Riverman Management Productions | Directed by Kyle Titterton 
Produced by David McLean 
Consolation Productions Pty Ltd | Directed by Sotiris Dounoukos 
Produced by Matt Reeder 
BLUE WORLD ORDER Script Supervisor 
Full Point Films Pty Ltd | Directed by Che Baker & Dallas Bland 
Produced by Tim Madocks 
THE TROUBLE WITH E  Script Supervisor 
Girls Own Pictures Ltd | Directed by Louise Wadley 
Produced by Jay Rutovitz 
BEING VENICE  Script Supervisor | 2nd Unit 
Venice Productions | Directed by Jay Levenworth 
Produced by Karen Radzyner & Michael Wrenn 

Short Films

SECOND BEST Script Supervisor 
Finch | Directed by Alyssa McLelland 
Produced by Daisy Bray & Alyssa McLelland
ARI Script Supervisor 
Azure Productions Pty Ltd | Directed by Alex Murawski 
Produced by Annmaree Bell 
GIMPSEY Script Supervisor 
Pledge-99 | Directed by Sofya Gollan 
Produced by Morgan Smallbone 
PROBLEM PLAY  Script Supervisor 
Goalpost Pictures | Directed by Matthew Moore 
Produced by Lauren Edwards & Liam Heyen 
BURN  Script Supervisor 
Directed by Andrew Bennett 
Produced by Lucy Vecchio 
BEAUTIFUL RELICS Script Supervisor 
Directed by Adrian Hedgecock 
Produced by Daniel Hammersley & Adrian Hedgecock 
MILK AND HONEY  Script Supervisor 
Directed by Louise Mignone 
Produced by Annmaree Bell 
THE AMBER AMULET Script Supervisor 
Goalpost Pictures | Directed by Matthew Moore 
Produced by Lauren Edwards, Genevieve Hegney & Matthew Moore 
THE CLEARING  Script Supervisor 
Chaotic Pictures | Directed by Seth Larney 
Produced by Lisa Shaunessy 
TOUCHED BY FELLINI Script Supervisor 
Chester Productions | Directed by Paul Barry 
Produced by Jennifer Campbell 


Beach Stories
Script Supervisor 
Exit Films | Directed by Ben Saunders 
7 Day Forecast 
Script Supervisor 
Goalpost Pictures | Directed by Matthew Moore 
New Uniform 
Script Supervisor 
Essential Media | Featuring Miranda Kerr 


THE CRATER  Script Supervisor
Frontline Films / ABC | Directed by David Bradbury 
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